tyler ackerman


Growing up, Tyler often felt that he hadn’t yet found his life’s passion. He didn’t grow up knowing what he wanted to do, or where life would take him. It was a random job as a sales associate at Orangetheory fitness that became the unexpected beginning of a career in the fitness industry. Through positive influences from the coaches, members and staff, he ended up taking a coaching position at a new studio in Kirkland. 

As time went on and he grew in experience, built strong relationships, and developed his skills, he unintentionally found his why. Being a witness to an individual’s journeys and seeing them experience real lasting change is what drew him in, and continues to keep him inspired to give his best to others. 

Tyler has received his NASM Personal Trainer certification, Pain-free Performance Specialist certification , and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. 

Tyler currently lives in Kirkland with his girlfriend Alaina, and their dog Felix. Outside of coaching, one of his many hobbies is ultra running. Last year, he completed his first 100 mile race just outside of Zion National Park. Looking back on the beginning of his own fitness journey (Shaun T’s insanity DVD in his moms basement after gaining the freshman 15) to his career as a personal trainer, it’s safe to say he has come a long way.

Tyler considers himself a life long learner and can’t wait to share what he learns with his clients to better their lives. 

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