EP022: How You’re (Unknowingly) Choosing Failure and How To Change It

This week I wanted to share a perspective that a friend and I were talking about that tends to keep people from achieving their goals. I also get into a simple exercise of awareness that will help you break through if you’re currently struggling to achieve something.

It’s no secret that our perspective, subconscious beliefs, fears and mindset guide the decisions and actions that we take. Shifting my perspective has been monumental in my own life – taking me from not believing in myself, to a life of crime and failure, to where I am today.

The tools, strategies and stories that I share in this episode are the same ones that I used to transform my life. They’re also the strategies that now help our clients at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance undergo deep transformations.


  • How everyday you choose your “can’t” and why that’s holding you back from everything you want in your life
  • The magic question that determines if your beliefs and actions are taking you away from your goals or towards them
  • Why the turkey story may be exactly how you’re treating certain areas of your life that you want to change, but can’t
  • The power of looking into your own stories and how to start breaking them down and create new ones that actually get you results
  • The 4 stages that move you from doing things that are hurting you, without you even knowing it, to the actions that will give you success
  • A new way of thinking that will keep you on track and help you achieve your goals

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