EP039: Dietary Myths Debunked and Nutrition Coaching For People Struggling With Progress with Cody McBroom

One of the most frequent questions we receive at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance is about our nutrition coaching. The inquiries come from both clients and coaches (from other training facilities) and typically include a note about how the tactic they read about on the Internet didn’t work.

The messages also include the question, “What do I do now?”

In this episode Cody and I discuss the strategies that we use daily to successfully give our clients amazing results. We also go into the deeper principles surrounding HOW we help clients crack to the code to their nutrition and make a long-term change to their lifestyle.


  • Common dietary myths and how they continue to distract people from the correct nutrition principles
  • The “Mindless Margin” and how it is slowly causing you to put on weight unknowingly
  • The reason why people eat old popcorn without noticing that it is stale and how this behavior will affect your body transformation results
  • Three easy changes that you can make to your environment that will help you achieve your fat loss goals
  • The kick ass strategy that will teach you how to focus on smaller segments of your macros and how it will make everything easier for your clients on a weight loss journey
  • The mysterious reason why we eat past full — that has everything to do with our beliefs and experiences — and how to break the pattern
  • Why studying Sherlock Holmes and being a detective is critical to be a great nutrition coach
  • How food companies created a perfect combination of foods that create a dopamine reaction in our brain that makes it hard for us to stop eating
  • The answer to the question, “Should you prescribe macros or not?” and how to apply the answer to a client’s (or your) nutrition plan
  • What to do when a client gets discouraged and starts falling off of their nutrition plan
  • The reason people lose self-esteem and how to fix it
  • How to make bad habits harder to do and good habits much easier to do
  • The answer to the question. “Does intermittent fasting work and when should I use it with clients?”

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