EP045: How To Get Better Results With Your Clients and Unique Tools From The Coaches Toolbox

Frequently I dig through my notes (that date back years) and find myself getting more “aha” moments from those old notes than I do from anything new that I’ve learned.

Last week I stumbled across an old 5-year journal that housed some coaching secrets that I rarely discuss. One of those secrets is the solution to the common bottleneck that many coaches run into when it comes to getting their clients continued results with training and nutrition.

In this episode I also reveal some of the things that I’ve learned from the masters that have not only helped me get results for my clients, but also help myself.


  • Why you and your clients aren’t making “bad choices” but are stuck in a thought pattern that is leading you and clients away from their goals – I will teach you how to stop this behavior
  • The reason all your fitness and nutrition knowledge won’t help if you don’t understand this one concept then eliminate it from your client’s perception
  • How to help your clients get rid of their biggest roadblocks
  • The first thing you have to do before becoming the most effective coach in any area – this one will surprise you
  • How time can be a threat to people when there’s no expectations set, and why the unknown leads to anxiety; which then leads to _________
  • Why sentence stemming is my secret exercise to help unlock breakthroughs for my clients
  • What you can do with your clients fears to help them overcome them—so that you can get them results they never had before
  • The coaching super power that most coaches lack, and how I stumbled upon a little known secret to develop it
  • The judgement check test that will help you see if you’re doing the things that you hate to your clients
  • The mistake you’re making that is costing your clients their results and how to address it so that no client ever leaves you again
  • How to make every training session finish on a memorable moment


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