EP088: How to Structure Results Based Training Programs, Fat Loss Program Design, and Training Insights | Part 1

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods change, but principles never do.

This is one of my favorite sayings. It also drives the direction of successful program design – for both your clients, and yourself.

When it comes to program design, it’s great to have as many tools in your toolbox as possible. BUT, those tools will only be effective when they’re used with the principles that shaped them in mind.

In this episode, I dive into this concept deeper – discussing program design and some of the principles I use to build body transformation programs. I also give some strength training program examples.

The episode is also the first part of my masterclass on program design and building results-based training programs. Both of which I will do more of—in addition to answering more questions about training programs.

Dive in and extract as much value as you can to build your own training programs for both you, and your clients.

Let’s go.


  • How working with a wide group of people—from all walks of life and fitness levels—built my skillset of coaching and program designer
  • The program design rules of the road, and the principles that should guide the design of any program
  • How to discover goals, use assessments, and other variables to get the best starting point for your program design
  • Whether or not you can use templates to design programs, and if you can individualize programs using them
  • Why you should write programs, not workouts, and how to reverse engineer to create the best program for your clients
  • Different periodization models you can use and different frequency of training templates for best results
  • The hierarchy of fat loss training and what to do if a client only has a certain amount of time to training each week
  • The R7 system and how a 60-minute session may break down into different components 
  • Fat loss and the general population, and athletic population templates for adding power training
  • How to program in energy system training/cardio in a simple and smart way
  • And much more

This episode is a must listen if you’re a coach or train people in some capacity.


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