EP099: A Language and Communication to Help Your Coaching and Client Transformations (and Yourself)

After over a decade of working with clients from all walks—as well as consoling fit pro’s—has taught me that the “You can do it!” rah rah approach doesn’t work, most of the time. This fact was also affirmed in my years of studying coaching, change psychology, behavior change, environmental sciences, pedagogy and communication.

So what does work? It’s simple. Having a better approach to coaching. Telling clients what to do and then saying, “they’re not committed” when they don’t do it doesn’t solve your problem, it creates one.

In this episode I share the insights that do solve it. I dive into everything from the language and communication style I use with my clients to get them the greatest results, to the five things you MUST do if you’re going to be the best coach, communicator and leader.

If you’re a coach in any capacity this is a must listen.

Let’s go.


  • Your client’s aren’t making “bad choices” – I explain what’s really happening and how to fix it
  • The reason all your knowledge in fitness and nutrition won’t help if you don’t understand and eliminate this ONE thing from your clients perception 
  • How to help your clients eliminate the roadblock that are holding them back 
  • The exact language to use to keep your clients from putting up walls that prevent you from coaching them
  • What you have to do first before becoming the most effective coach in any area. This one will surprise you
  • Why expectations and agreements are a MUST in any gym program
  • Sentence stemming and how using it can help you unlock your clients “next step” for them
  • An exercise that will allow you to help your clients overcome their fears 
  • The coaching super power most lack and how I stumbled upon a little known way to develop it 
  • The judgment check and why you’re most likely judging your clients out of results 
  • The power of making each session memorable and how to make it happen 


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