SEMINAR: Putting Together Your Own Nutrition Success Blueprint

When it comes to nutrition there is so much information out there most people get confused, overwhelmed, jinxed and “played” just so that more “magical” diets can be sold.

I get it, many people want to help and there are also many companies that want to make money of other people’s struggles.

I have no issue with the making money portion of it IF and WHEN the product/service produces the solution to the frustration (a.k.a. gets results).

The key is not only to get results but also to make these results sustainable and empower people to take control of their own life rather than some short term “diet” that ends up creating more bad habits, emotional triggers, misconceptions of what good food/nutrition is and is not – while also making people feel like they can’t do it because it’s too hard.

I want to break all of these myths by constantly putting out facts based on science and real world results; proven methods of coaching that we use at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. Not only nutrition but habit change, how what we believe about ourselves, who we’re around, social triggers, etc. influence us to make and create good or bad habits – which essentially determine the outcomes of our body and health (and lives!).


I decided to put on the Last Nutrition Seminar since if you apply this information it’s the last seminar you’ll ever need to hear/see to get to your goals.

As we all know, information isn’t enough, as it has to be accompanied by:

  • Accountability (to do what you said you’d do and the reason why you’d do it)
  • Access (to expert advice, the right “next” step at the right time – for YOU)
  • Association (to others supporting you and going through the same journey)

I’d have you consider spending the time and watching the whole seminar as it builds from the foundation of why we make certain “bad” decisions that lead us away from the body we want (which has nothing to do with which diet we pick), to a step-by-step process of how to approach your nutrition to transform based on whether you are a:

  • Beginner
  • Have some experience with nutrition, have built some habits and had some success (but you’re stuck and asking yourself “what now”)
  • Advanced and you are ready to track calories, macronutrients, etc.

Here are just some of the things I cover in the Last Nutrition Seminar with the time it pops up in the video, just in case you wanted to jump to that section (although I would recommend you watch it all as it is connected and will give you step-by-step information).

➔ Discover how you already know the next step to achieving your body composition results but because of _________ you never do it (and how to fix that!) – 1:01 min

➔ The almost unknown secret that stops you from losing body fat regardless of what diet you’re on. Once you become aware of this it you’ll finally stop struggling with not knowing why you’re stuck (and get the blueprint to turn it around) – 3:30 min

➔ What is Hebbs Law and why it’s the dirty little secret that prevents you from putting down the cookie and eating it when you’re stressed out – 16:36 min

➔ The “insider” four step process that helps you break your current bad nutritional habits and puts you on a path towards achieving your goals – 23:18 mins

➔ How to tell the difference between a proven method to get you results and a diet that will surely fail and frustrate you (this alone will help you realize why you may have failed with diets in the past) 25:36 mins

➔ How to spot misleading advice whether you should take on more or less to see the best results with your body transformation 29:40 mins

➔ The biggest – and maybe most common – nutrition mistake made that not only stops results, but makes you feel you’re failure. Find out what it is so you can actually do LESS and get MORE results! 35:25 mins

➔ Discover which one of the 3 types of people you are which will determine what actions to take to see success and not fall of the plan that is best for you (most people make the mistake of picking the wrong plan and thinking they can’t succeed – just pick the right approach for YOU) 42:01 mins

➔ The secret “10 second technique” which determines whether you should take on the nutritional habit/action or whether it will overwhelm you and make you fail 49:12

➔ How to master nutrition in the shortest time possible without the complexity of food scales, apps, calorie counting so that you don’t feel socially awkward and get overwhelmed (which leads to dropping of the diet) 1:01:00 hours

➔ The “sneaky” strategy and antidote to calorie counting that will get you serious results and reduce your stress (and all you have to do is know how to count to “2”) 1:03:40 hours

➔ The 6 KEY steps of importance when it comes to nutrition (Hint: most people do the 3rd and 5th most important things first rather than 1st and 2nd!) 1:17:23 hours

➔ The exact step-by-step outline (if you’re more advanced) of how to determine calores, macros, carb-cycling when getting ready for your leanest (this is a blueprint if you’re getting ready for a photo shoot or a show) 1:23:12

And much, much more…

Check out the full seminar recording here.

The key to moving forward with your results and improving your habits, nutrition and lifestyle, is moving at a pace that you’re confident in taking on.

Apply what you learned from the seminar – make it “too easy” and feel successful about your first steps, then progress from there.

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Handful Diet

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