Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 2

We’re back with the Coach’s Corner and some powerful lessons both from training and coaching cues as well as becoming aware of something that really stops us from moving forward (with anything in life).

Today we’re touching on something basic with regards to exercise. Well, most believe it to be basic and easy to do. The push-up.

Find out:

  • How most people are doing the push up wrong and actually may be hurting themselves more than they are helping themselves get results
  • How to make the push a full body exercises that works everything from head to toe and expends more energy and creates more muscle tension for better fat loss and performance results
  • Do you have issues with your shoulders? Then you must watch the video to see how a certain position in the push up can make them more damaging then good.
  • What if you could make each rep so much more effective and you didn’t need to do 30 reps but rather 10 and get a BETTER result?
  • Set up the push up position so you can do all the other exercises out of it more effectively (mountain climbers, knee to elbow, etc.)
  • What you may be doing to completely stop you in your tracks before you even start and how becoming aware of it may change the trajectory of your results
  • Replace your limitations with possibilities and find out how far you can really go!

Check out the Coach’s Corner videos:

As with anything in life, knowledge is not useful if it is not applied (it’s only “potential”). Use it and you can really change your training and the quality of your life.

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