Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 4

I’m excited about this week’s Coach’s Corner as I’m touching on two subjects that many people bring up. One being they can’t back squat with a barbell because of pain so they just don’t squat at all – which is not the solution much of the time.

The other is a belief that can stop you right in your tracks before you even get started.

This is what we are covering in this week’s videos:

* Everyone should squat! BUT what happens when you can’t do a certain type of squat, do we just chuck it all out of the window?

* People say everyone should back squat AND do it ASG (ass to grass). The truth is everyone can’t and everyone shouldn’t. There is still a solution, actually many, to use one of the most powerful exercises and get your “bang for the buck”, see which exercises I’m talking about.

* Bulletproof your body, learn to squat better and also progress with your programs with these different squat variations (some are very challenging but everyone can do them).

* If you think you are born with will-power and self-discipline and it’s part of your “genetics” then this video will help you realize you can become unstoppable through training this skill-set.

Coach's Corner

Check out this week Coach’s Corner videos:

As with anything in life, knowledge is not useful if it is not applied (it’s only “potential”). Use it and you can really change your training and the quality of your life.

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