Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 5

Today’s Coach’s Corner brings you two powerful lessons.

One has something to do with swinging – in exercise that is. 🙂

One of our favorite exercises for building hip power, and power endurance (a great way to build the deadlift and other moves that included hip strength and power) as well as for building glutes – it’s also metabolically demanding which is a great fit for fat loss training.

The second video talks about a tree and its shadow (you have to hear this!) and may open your eyes to some things that can truly supercharge your success.

Coach's Corner

Find out:

* One of the best exercises to build glutes, hip power, power endurance and also an exercise that is highly metabolic and great for fat loss

* Find out how to do the kettlebell swing safely enough to start doing it (many people don’t get coached, and use their low back rather than their hips) and supercharging your results

* The coaching cues that will engage your glutes and core to help you stay safe and really use the muscles in the most effective way

* How being scared to hit yourself can mess up your swing and cause injury and how to avoid it

* Watch me coach Adrian on the go and correct some things that you may find yourself doing (this applies to the deadlift as well)

* What is the difference between reputation and character, which one you are protecting and which one are you building and how one will create success while the other may be your downfall

Check out this week’s Coach’s Corner videos:

As with anything in life, knowledge is not useful if it is not applied (it’s only “potential”). Use it and you can really change your training and the quality of your life.

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