Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 6

High five!

There’s a reason I’m making you get your hands up today.

Today’s Coaching Corner is going to make you more limber and ready to give that “oh no you didn’t” head nod left to right as well as help you get your shoulders over your head and give incredible high fives.

Seriously though, if you have issues with your neck, shoulder or lower back, you definitely need to watch the first video.

It’s also got a little something to do with having fun.

Fun. IS. Important. Period.

Love HateFor the record, that’s a fun pic!

So here’s what I cover in today’s videos:

* What really affects your shoulders and your neck (much of the time) – and it might not have anything to do with the neck and shoulders, hmmmm?

* Today’s sedentary jobs keep us in a position that create postures that affect are low back, upper back, shoulders and neck. How to improve your posture for training and life

* A breathing exercises that will improve shoulder position (and function) as well as great for calming you down, improving breathing and making you less “tone” (stiff)

* Follow along with the sequence of exercises and drills that you can use throughout the day or before training to improve how you move, feel and perform

* Find out the analogies for why you may have beat up shoulders, neck and low back and how simple (still need to do the work) it is to change

* Are you having fun even when times are tough (no, that doesn’t mean you don’t get stressed and upset)? Get a different perspective on how you may have been dealing with things and affecting your day

Here’s this week’s Coach’s Corner videos:

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Help Me

We like to have fun as you can see but the reality is that our purpose is to help people get results and create relationships and a community and environment that breeds success in all areas of life.

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