Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 7

This week don’t have 2, but rather 3 awesome Coach’s Corner videos.


If you come into the gym you’ll notice that word is a significant part of my vocabulary and get’s used when things get done. So the more it’s used, you know things are getting done.

This week we cover the kettlebell clean, the military press (regardless of which tool you’re using to press), and finding out which one of the two “V’s” you are.


In this week’s video’s you’ll find out:

* How to set up the kettlebell clean, which is an exercise you must know as it also sets up the kettlebell press, squat, lunges, etc.

* Find out which movements and set ups you want to avoid to stay away from injury and use the right muscles

* Watch Luka take Daniel through some kettlebell cleans and coach him through some changes as he hasn’t done many cleans before (this is a great resource and way to see the corrections you may need)

* Why are kettlebell cleans such a great exercise to build real world power as well as using them in your fat loss programs

* Should you be doing overhead presses or not? Find out whether it’s a good fit for you and how to do them to stay safe as well as maximize the use of as many muscles as possible and reducing risk of injury

* Which tool is best to use if you have shoulder issues and some modifications if you can’t do a barbell overhead press without pain

* Why the overhead press is a full body exercises and what most people do that creates risk for low back pain and completely takes your abs out of it (work on abs and legs while pressing)

* In life we either have a Victim or Victor attitude – find out what it is, why one of them can completely crush your goals and dreams, and what to do to change it and change your destiny (sounds like it can do a lot – IT DOES!)

Check out this weeks Coach’s Corner videos:

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