Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 8

This weeks coaching corner will give you things to do.

I guess it always does BUT you can literally take one of the videos and use it as a thorough warm up.

It is a sample warm up we may use with one of our small group personal training sessions whether Strength Camp or Strong(Her), that touches on every part of the join by joint mobility principles. What this means is that we will improve mobility where needed and stability where needed.

The second video is all about environment. But what is environment, you’d be surprised what you may be missing and how it is the most important thing in changing your outcomes (getting to your goals).

Luka Hocevar

This is what I go over in this week’s Coach’s Corner:

* What are you currently doing for a warm up and is it truly preparing you for a great training session or leaving you open to injury and/or reduced performance

* What does a great warm up consist of and how should you flow through it

* Starting with ground based to standing, simple to complex, single joint to multiple joint, slow to fast (you’ll find out more about this in the next Coach’s Corner), single plane to multi plane warms up should progress to get you more and more ready for a challenging results driven training (while it still being safe!)

* Just like your training programs should be specific to your goals, your warm ups should cover all the things that are your weaknesses that need to be improved when it comes to movement, compensation, mobility and stability

* How a couple of “weird” exercises will improve multiple movements that you may be struggling with

* Some warm up drills are like play where you will lose yourself as it’s not the boring “get on a bike warm up and then stretch”

* The importance of environment and what you’re missing – because you don’t even know that its part of your environment

Check out the Coach’s Corner videos:

Apply these principles and methods and improve your training and recovery.

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