Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 9

This is an angry edition.

We’re flipping tires.

Snatching kettlebells.

And fighting resistance.

But seriously, we’re digging into really effective, challenging exercises that are getting used more and more in general fitness programs because they “can” be great if used the right way.

Unfortunately many times these exercises get used as the “cool” exercise without enough coaching, regressions and then progressions to teach it safely and effectively – which results in injuries, pain, the client feeling unsuccessful and because of that – no results!

Find out what we do at Vigor Ground Renton Gym to make sure clients get the best results.

Prosper **NOTE: I grew up to Star Trek so there was no way I’m not going to pay homage to the passing of Leonard Nimoy

In this week’s Coach’s Corner you’ll find:

* How to work up to a kettlebell snatch safely and effectively with a step-by-step progression to the final lift

* What is the number one thing you should look for to find if it is the right exercise for you or whether its setting you up for injury

* Find the coaching cues that will build your core, upper back, glutes and shoulders. If you don’t stick to these you’re putting force in all the wrong places that can lead to injury and results

* The sure fire way to injure yourself when flipping a tire and what to never do

* Which tires are better for lifting and which ones you should stay away from

* How to get the most out of the lift and the one coaching cue that will create more power and so much more safety

* What should you do with it in your programs

* The key to overcoming resistance in your life and a different perspective that will make you get excited whenever resistance shows up in your life

Kettlebell Snatch

Tire Flip


Apply these principles and methods and improve your training and recovery.

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