“The Exact Program Tim Is Doing That Transformed His Body”

Tim is a beast, nobody at the gym debates that and everybody clearly see’s that. But he wasn’t always like that – just like every other jacked dude, he came to us with less muscle and a little more body fat.
See’s there’s nothing wrong with that and I wanted to point that out before I write anything else at all. Why? Because he did the most important thing for his transformation on his own, before I even met him.

He reached out for help.

See that’s the biggest step anyone can take in order to transform his or her body. And if you ask anyone who is super lean, stacked with muscle, beyond strong in the gym, or even just a successful business owner – they had a coach, a mentor, a guide, or some person that influenced their thought process on how to get better.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse here with this advice, I’m just letting you know that the best step any of us can take in experiencing a complete body transformation is by reaching out – Tim reached out to us and joined our Mansformation Program. If you’re a guy who wants to get lean, build muscle, and join an association of men all achieving the exact same thing… Click Here Now and Get a Free Discovery Call.


Now lets get onto it! How the hell did Tim shed body fat and get a 6-pack, both WHILE adding noticeable muscle mass and building his strength higher than it’s ever been?

#1 – Consistency

I know I know…The least sexy thing I could’ve said there, you can’t even implement this “right away to see results”.

But we are real here at Vigor and we’re always going to give the transparent truth when it comes to getting our clients badass results. When we first sat down, we went over the process of getting Tim to where he wanted to be and it included a big commitment.

Tim committed to a full year of watching how he ate, lifting 3 times per week, and jumping into our team training metabolic classes (In other words – Nutrition + Lift + Cardio).

I told Tim,

“You can achieve your goal in less than a year if we focus, I believe in that. But you need to give yourself enough time to not only reach the goal, but also to sustain that goal”

In many cases, most people overlook the part of maintaining the fat loss they see. And that’s why a longer commitment is typically necessary. Does it get easier as you go? Yes it does, in most cases, but it takes a lot of accountability to get into that gym and keep your eye on the prize – even after you’ve seen the fat loss.

So to finish off my talk on consistency, because we’ve all heard it a million times… To see a complete transformation like Tim did, I’d highly suggest training as frequently as he did. Tim lifted 3-4 days a week, every single week.

This doesn’t mean every session were intense ball busting workouts, but he got it in with me in a semi-private training session OR jumped in a small group such as strength camp (which is damn near the same thing).

He also did our Team Training class 2-3 times per week – metabolic work. Now, you may not have access to us here in Seattle, and that’s ok. Metabolic training is really just a fancy way of saying and way more fun way of doing cardio. So implement some HIIT cardio and basic movement days and you’re golden.

Now we’ll get into specifics…

#2 – Nutrition

Now before you think I’m going to throw some macro talk at you, because I’m “The Vigor Nutrition Guy”…Think twice! Tim has successfully transformed his body without implementing any serious form of macro tracking.

Yes, it’s possible – you don’t NEED a specific calorie intake or macro ratio to hit every single day in order to see serious results. But you need accountability and you need some structure.

“Without a map to guide you, how do you know where you’re going?”

Well, the same applies with training and nutrition. You can get away with flexibility and ranges, but you need some form of structure or you will not get to the destination.

With Tim, we focused on some principles that will allow us the most muscle recovery and growth, the best performance in the gym, and general health. These 3 things allowed him to focus on putting on muscle and keeping calories low enough, with whole foods being the majority of his intake, in order to slowly strip body fat.

If I would have put Tim into a serious calorie deficit, he may have lost body fat a bit quicker but the issue then would have been muscle loss and performance. As a guy, he wanted to lift heavy and have muscle – so that wasn’t an option.

For him, it was more about staying “around” his maintenance level calories while practicing some basic guidelines. This allowed him to burn his calories and lose body fat mainly through training vs. diet.

The Principles Tim Followed:
  • Protein in every single meal.  This is going to be HUGE for maximizing protein synthesis, the biggest precursor for optimizing recovery and muscle growth. So having it happen many times throughout the day is a highly beneficial principle.
  • Gallon of water daily.  Pretty basic, but makes a difference in building muscle AND burning fat – so we don’t skip it.
  • Eat 4-5 meals per day.  Again basic and actually goes against what many “gurus” say about meal timing not mattering, which I agree with. But if we go back to #1 and remember Tim wants MUSCLE and PERFORMANCE as well as fat loss, we need to keep this in mind. It will optimize energy levels and protein synthesis, so we keep it in mind.
  • 3-4 Cups of greens daily.  Health is important and we don’t forget that. “Feel good, look good.” Plus good gut health is crucial for body composition and longevity, so we put a priority there.
  • Heavy carbs around training.  By placing the majority of his carbs in the pre and post training window, when he can, we know he’ll likely perform better and recover better. The body seems to absorb and utilize carbs a bit better during this period of time due to insulin sensitivity, so lets take advantage of it when we can.
  • Eat til 80% full.  The main thing here is he didn’t over eat. If he’s full, he stopped. Sometimes he indulged and went past that, not a big deal because he understood what he was doing and that he couldn’t do it all the time.

Something I want to stress before I move onto the training aspect, is that Tim did not over think, over complicate, or over stress about the fine details.

If he didn’t have a post workout carb because he was on the run, he added it in later for dinner. If he had a drink, he had a drink and didn’t let it ruin his commitment to the overall plan. If he didn’t follow the script one weekend, he got back on track and let the past be the past.

My point is simple; there is no holy grail of nutrition principles. Things are never perfect, things change often, and we need to learn how to adapt and do what we think is best in the situation at hand. THAT is what led to his insane body transformation.

#3 – Training

Ok, pay attention here because I’m literally going to break down exactly what I did with Tim over the past 90 Days (He’s been training for MUCH longer than that, as I said above – but I’ll give you the scoop on the exact training program we’ve done recently, which is a close variation of what we’ve been doing this entire time).

Before I literally provide the training program, lets go into the basics of what the priorities, because at the end of the day everybody is individual and likely needs a different variation of certain things.

For Tim, we used a system of programming called DUP (daily undulated periodization), which essentially means training a movement more than once per week, using different rep and intensity schemes to elicit more than one specific stimulus.

For example, if you strictly want to build strength and nothing else – it may help to keep the majority of your training in the lower rep ranges to lift heavy. If you strictly want to build muscle, majority would be in the higher rep ranges and you’d accumulate most of your volume form sets and reps versus weights lifted.

But with Tim, like most guys, he wanted to lose body fat, build lean muscle, and at the very least maintain his strength (we built it up though). This is where DUP comes in very handy.

We started the first 8 weeks of his 12-week training cycle performing the Trap Bar Deadlift for his major lower-body compound lift. One day we performed lower reps with heavy weight, one day with the mid rep range, and one day with a higher rep range. In doing this, we hit every modality when it comes to volume and intensity levels. This is ideal when it comes to building strength and muscle mass, studies have backed that up, and from my experience it is also ideal for fat loss because it leaves no stone unturned by using every energy system.

We did the exact same thing for his upper body; by using the bench press, chin-ups, and the T-bar row in the exact same rep ranges each day.

Here’s where the kicker is and how we really got the fat loss happening….

I programmed this in what I call a “Strength Circuit”. In other words, I made these all a big super set so that the intensity of his training would rise up a bit. But the order of operations is key here, because we need to understand the energy demands of the lift performing.

It looked like this:

Exercise Sets x Reps Rest Period
1a.) Trap Bar Deadlift 5×5 30-45 seconds
1b.) Bench Press 5×5 30-45 seconds
1c.) Weighted Chin Ups 5×5 90-120 seconds


We’re going heavy, pushing the tempo, and keeping the blood flow going so you’re getting a pump even in these low rep ranges. This is going to help, like I said before, each of the performance results we’re striving for with Tim.

This is the key of his program. Above all else, this is what did the magic and provided the crazy results we were looking for. But of course, we had to utilize assistant work as well.

With Tim being constantly in our Team Training Metabolic Group, he was working his legs ton – they’re performing sprints, squats, lunges, prowler pushes, and more… So I actually didn’t utilize much accessory work on his legs besides the Sled Pulls on his finishers of each day. Majority of his accessory work was focused on his upper body, as that was what he wanted to see growth and definition in anyway.

So we worked mainly his shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, and his upper back during this – because during his compound lifts he was working the chest, lats, and legs quite often.

But just like the compound lifts, we utilized DUP to hit every intensity in those muscles as well because again… We want to build more muscle that actually performs too. Yes guys… you can even undulate your bicep curls, it works really well actually.

So lets recap, because before you read the program below I want you to truly understand the why behind the results. See nothing is as powerful as consistency, accountability, and association. Yes Tim had a science based program and followed principles with his nutrition, but without being held accountable by himself and others while being associated in a group of other guys training for the same goals…

His results may have been different or not happened at all. This shit is simple, but it is not easy. It took him a lot of hard work and the group he is a part of helped him stick to that hard work.

The foundations of his successful transformation came down to the following:

  • Accountability
  • Association
  • Consistency
  • Hitting his personal main lifts hard, 3x per week with different intensities – Bench, Trap Bar Deadlift, Row / Chin Up
  • Simple, yet sustainable, nutrition principles followed 80-90% of the time
  • Team Training – Metabolic, HIIT, LISS or other type of cardio 2-3x per week

Follow those foundational bullet points above; you will successfully transform your body. If you have the drive, but are missing the first 3 bullet points… Click Here Now, get on a Free Discovery Call with a Coach and discuss the next steps to take in seeing your personal transformation.

Day 1 – Strength Sets x Reps Rest Period Notes
1.) Rower 5 min 0 Warm up – get moving
2a.) Trap Bar Deadlift 5×5 0.5 Strength circuit – max effort day
2b.) BB Bench Press 5×5 0.5 Strength circuit – max effort day
2c.) Chin Ups 5×5 1.5-2.0 Strength circuit – max effort day –
rest period is 30 seconds or less
between exercises, 90 sec between
3.) EZ-Bar Curl 4×6-8 1.0-1.5 Heavy – can slightly cheat reps on
final 1-2 – control negative
4.) Weighted Tiger Push Ups 4xAMRAP 1.0-1.5 Leave 1-2 in the tank – 25-45lb
plate on back
5a.) Sled Pull 3xD/B 0 Go heavy
5b.) Sprinter Sit Ups 3×15/side 0
5c.) Farmers Walks 3xD/B 0.5-1.0 Minimal break on this finishing circuit


Day 2 – Power Sets x Reps Rest Period Notes
1.) Rower 5 min 0 Warm up – get moving
2a.) Trap Bar Deadlift Against Bands 6×3 0.5 Strength circuit – speed/power day
2b.) BB Speed Bench Press 6×3 0.5 Strength circuit – speed/power day
2c.) Jamball Slams 6×5 1.5-2.0 Strength circuit – speed/power day
3.) Supinated Grip Inverted Rows 4×8 1.0-1.5 Pause at top for 2-3 seconds on
each rep – crushing barbell entire time
4a.) DB Curls 3×8-10 0 Full ROM – supinated grip
4b.) Dips 3xAMRAP 1.0 Bodyweight – leave 1-2 in the tank
– slight forward lean
5a.) Hanging Hollow Hold 4×30 sec 0 Ribcage down – lock knees out – tuck tailbone/glutes
5b.) Sled Push 4xD/B 0.5-1.0 No weight on – sprint with it


Day 3 – Hypertrophy Sets x Reps Rest Period Notes
1.) Rower 5 min 0 Warm up – get moving
2a.) Trap Bar Deadlift 4×9 0.5 Strength circuit – repetition effort day
2b.) BB Bench Press 4×9 0.5 Strength circuit – repetition effort day
2c.) T-Bar Row 4×9 1.5-2.0 Strength circuit – repetition effort day –
wide grip handles – rest period is 30
seconds or less between exercises,
90 sec between rounds
3.) Seated Incline Curls 3×15-20 1.0-1.5 Let bicep stretch – full lockout
4a.) Barbell Curls 3×12-15 0 Full ROM – 60 sec rest between sets
4b.) Tricep Push Downs 3×12-15 1.0-1.5 Pause at lockout squeezing triceps
5a.) Sled Pull 3xD/B 0 Go heavy
5b.) V-Sits 3×15-20 0 Hold KB in hands if able
5c.) Sandbag Standing Plan 3×45-60 sec 0.5-1.0 Hold heavy sandbag in racked position
– exhale, compressing ribcage and
squeezing glutes – hold position or 1 full min



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