EP 134: Dream Big, Never Quit, And Why Commitment and Culture Always Wins w/ Marc Megna

Marc Megna’s path towards becoming the foremost strength and conditioning coach in Miami was paved with obstacles; As a child, Megna was overweight and a target for bullies, dreaming that one day he’d play in the NFL.  During his collegiate football career, Megna became a two-time All-American athlete and was drafted by the New York Jets in 1999. His gridiron career spanned several seasons in the NFL and CFL for the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and Montreal Alouettes. He was coached by NFL greats like Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Dick Lebeu.

In 2007, Marc decided it was time to complete his career as a professional athlete and decided to utilize the knowledge and skills he learned in the NFL to help people improve their quality of life through movement. He settled in Miami where he worked tirelessly to make a name for himself as a fitness trainer, training clients from all walks of life including notable clients like Alex Rodriguez, Gabrielle Anwar, Vernon Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Spacey and Hollywood Film Director Adam Shankman. Megna also frequently contributes to fitness publications including Men’s Fitness and Bodybuilding.com,and became a recognized fitness model even gracing the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

In 2013, Marc became the co-owner of Anatomy Fitness, a state-of-the-art fitness facility in Miami, Florida. Anatomy Fitness now has 4 fitness facilities including a facility inside the 1 Hotel South Beach. In 2016, Marc launched the Megna Method podcast where he interviews some of the most famous athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in the world. Marc is the subject of the Just A Kid From Fall River documentary film created by Randy West of Monarch Productions. Marc is also the Author of Dream Big Never Quit, which was selected as one of the Best Sports Biographies by Amazon Book Review editor, Jon Wahlgren.


  • Marc’s humble beginnings, his role models, and what drove him to make a change.
  • The 3 things coaches did for him to help him succeed, and what every coach should do to help someone transform.
  • What commitment really is and the mindset shift to excelling and becoming the 1% in your craft.
  • The power of belief, and how Marc’s grandfather was a catalyst for his transformation.
  • How Marc went from an overweight kid to making it to the NFL by following the mindset of “be where your feet are.”
  • Why some of the greatest athletes are not successful in their career, and why people that have it come to them easy in business, fail.
  • The downfall of “hacking the system” and why that is the gateway to average.
  • The power of directing doing an excellent job and giving energy to what matters.
  • How Marc built his reputation as a coach in Miami and how spending the extra hours prepared him to become a co-owner in Anatomy.
  • Why Anatomy Fitness is not ran like the Patriots.
  • The culture of success that has been built at Anatomy and what you can learn from it.
  • The superpower of responsibility and why not taking it will guarantee you fail!
  • What Marc is currently, learning, working on to improve and grow.


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