EP 135: From Addict To Serial Entrepreneur, Chef & Fitness Fanatic One Habit At A Time w/ Michael Chernow

Michael is a restaurateur and chef, entrepreneur, TV host, wellness leader and founder of Kreatures of Habit, an in-your-face lifestyle and wellness brand reimagining how you establish healthy habits in your life. Honoring his 17 years of sobriety by launching his newest venture on August 17th, Michael’s goal with Kreatures of Habit was to create easily accessible nutritional products that are rooted in adopting the positive habits that transformed his life and allowed him to replace alcohol with the nutrition and fitness he needed.

Michael channeled his fire for culinary and community by curating and building some of New York City’s beloved restaurants including The Meatball Shop in 2009 with childhood friend Daniel Holzman, which has now grown to five locations across New York City and resulted in the release of The Meatball Shop Cookbook in 2011, co-authored by Michael and released by Ballantine Books. In 2015, he founded SEAMORE’s, a Manhattan restaurant that combines Michael’s love of fishing and culinary expertise, expanding to five locations peppered across New York City.

Michael Chernow, who has founded hospitality ventures The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s, appeared on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, Kitchen Casino, and Chopped, co-authored cookbooks and landed magazine spreads for his Olympian-like physique, possesses a resume with marathon-like momentum. A poster child for how to live a life well-lived and reach business mogul status, Chernow adopted positive habits that allowed him to replace alcohol with nutrition and fitness and propel his ascent in the New York restaurant scene.


  • Michael’s current fitness journey and how he went from Muay Thai to running, bodybuilding, and now the Crossfit games.
  • The power of going all in on your commitments.
  • 5 targets to focus on and how to attack them every day for success.
  • What does discipline = freedom mean and how it can change your life.
  • The origins of Michael’s entrepreneurial journey that started with a challenging family environment.
  • How Michael got into using and selling drugs, and his first true entrepreneurial venture.
  • The encounter that nearly ended Michael’s life and started the catalyst to a transformation.
  • How friends, accountability partners and Muay-Thai helped Mike on a path to success.
  • The re-invention and building of two of New York’s top restaurant brands The Meatball Shop, and Seamore’s.
  • Lessons from a serial entrepreneur.
  • Why happiness is FAR more important than cash in the bank and capital.
  • The powerful story of the origins of Kreatures Of Habit.
  • Michael’s daily success habits and the “rising before the sun” philosophy.
  • How to stay healthy, stay in amazing shape year round, make things happen in business, AND prioritize family.
  • A message for anyone that is struggling, is down, and feels like they can’t make it.


Michael Chernow Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michaelchernow/

Kreatures Of Habit Meal One  www.KreaturesOfHabit.com  (use coupon code “VIGOR10” for 10% discount)

Kreatures Of Habit Podcast (Spotify) https://open.spotify.com/show/55aRcnBD5UoOgxTYUwtUVL?si=0869d1b619d142cb

The Meatball Shop NYC https://www.themeatballshop.com/

Seamores Restaurants https://www.seamores.com/

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