EP 146: How To Rebuild Men’s Health, Testosterone, Why It’s Sucks & What To Do About It w/ Ali Gilbert

After speaking in St. Louis at the fitness summit together and catching up it was so great to have Ali come on the show to talk about everything men’s health, testosterone, training, boners, and what it takes to get fit and healthy in every way as a man in 2023and beyond.

Ali Gilbert is a fitness professional who specializes in men’s health, helping men get jacked, optimizing testosterone, and conquering nutrition.


  • The shocking image of what men will look like by the 2040’s; Ali and I discuss the the lifestyle behaviors that are influencing negative hormone imbalances in both men and women and what to do about.
  • Why microwaving in plastic Tupperware and plastic water bottles in the summer can cause negative changes in your hormones.
  • Low testosterone is big men’s health risk that influences heart and cardiovascular health, cognitive health, neurodegenerative disease, sexual health, and much more.
  • Why the standards of testosterone have dropped in the US and what you should really be shooing for as a healthy man (hint: to be the most optimal don’t follow current guidelines).
  • How your nutrition is a huge culprit in crashing mens testosterone and how to match your nutrition to your goals and performance.
  • The problem with many competing goals and how it’s stopping you from fixing your hormones for good.
  • My story of how sleep, work and lack of recovery crushed my hormones and made me feel like crap, and how you can avoid doing the same.
  • The high stress non-stop work life that stops you from prioritizing your health and how to create a structure for health and success.
  • The reason why men need a tribe, a safe space to connect, be challenged and pushed to be better.
  • When to possibly get TRT or go the route of lifestyle improvements first.
  • Why obesity and visceral fat affects hormones and the reason TRT may not be a good idea at certain body fat percentages.
  • The step-by-step process that will help any man improve their health and hormones.
  • Why it’s smart to get a blood panel done to assess your “deep health” and see how to improve your overall health.
  • The red flags you must look for when it comes to recommendations for testosterone therapy at clinics.
  • What is the “TRT Starter Pack” you should always avoid!
  • Why men need estrogen and messing with it can have big downsides.

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