EP124: How To REALLY Build A Fitness Business Of The Future & Manage Your Finances As A Fit Pro w/ Jon Goodman


Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center. Since 2011, he has supported fitness professionals by publishing over a million words, growing some of the largest online communities, publishing several books, and establishing the first-ever certification for online trainers, the Online Trainer Academy. He’s been featured in most major business and fitness publications including Men’s Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Muscle & Fitness, Inc., and many more. Originally from Toronto, Jon spends his winters exploring the World with his wife and son.

In this value-packed episode which was a special edition never released fireside chat from the 2020 Virtual Vigor Ground Summit. We touch on everything from what Jon would do right now if he were to go into opening a brick & mortar business and how the online space is shaping itself, to the finances of a fit pro and how to build security and wealth – and a lot in between. This is a can’t miss episode for Fit Pros.

Let’s go.


  • How Jon would build a brick & mortar business if he was building it right now (step-by-step)
  • Why Jon focuses on BIG goals and “asymmetrical risk” (what that is and why you need to understand it to win very big in business)
  • What Jon believes is the perfect business and behind the scenes of his business
  • How to build out program design templates that save you and your company massive amounts of time
  • How to design a smaller brick & mortar gym that is coupled with specific program design and maximizes square footage verse profits
  • 2 reasons you should not open a brick & mortar business (and still crush it in the fitness space)
  • A MUST skillset to develop in the coming 3-5 years that you should double down on
  • A habit Jon does daily to connect and build relationships that you should steal
  • The importance of knowing how money works (and the competitive advantage it gives you)
  • The biggest money mistakes coaches make and the how to fix them (we’ll give you actionable steps)
  • Understanding how debt works and examples of how you can make yourself a lot more money (with what you already have)
  • Jon’s top 3 money management tips for coaches, starting with “working back from profitability” (discover what that means and how to use it)
  • Jon’s online coaching model for profitability (a model you can use for yourself and your business)
  • A detailed breakdown of what type of online businesses you can build for best profits, and at what point in time you have to build a bigger team (have more oversight and insight on business from $100K – $10M)
  • Why Jon likes the “Profit First” model to get started but believes there is a better way to manage
  • The long-term effects of building an online coaching business and what to look for so that you thrive and don’t fall apart
  • Which hybrid models really work for a brick & mortar and online business combination



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