EP136: The Athlete For Life Program Design Structure & Insights

A lot of the programming that I do these days falls into this category, and it’s essentially what I program for myself and many non-pro athletes I coach (even though the way I coach my pro athletes has so many overlaps, just some minor tweaks) who want to have “the show and the go.” They want to look, feel, perform like an athlete, while not being beat up, getting rid of nagging pains and joint issues, and have the energy and cardio to do everything they want in life.

I’ve come to this way of programming through 30 years of training myself, doing that from high school to the pro’s in basketball, and then later working to be the fittest possible and constantly striving for top performance. It’s also from having a 17-year career in coaching, training thousands of clients from every walk of life, elite athletes to everyday people wanting to improve their life through fitness. I’ll be doing more episodes like this on training, coaching and program design, to help you get the most out of your training and coaching clients.


  • The 5-step process I use to write any program, in-person clients or online clients.
  • The what NOT to do programming rules!
  • 4 Caveats in programming most don’t think about but are important.
  • The R7 lens of programming and how I use in the Athlete For Life method.
  • How I determine who needs more or less plyometrics, power, and explosive training.
  • Why everybody should train athletically.
  • The different templates I pick based on the amount of training days people choose.
  • The structure you can steal for designing a training day and examples of it.
  • The “reverse workout” and my rules for applying it into your program design.
  • The importance of doing daily “Movement Hygiene” and why it delivers such great results.
  • The cardio systems that are a MUST to be more athletic and recover faster.
  • My thoughts about mandatory lifts and what we barely do with clients after 30-years old.
  • How my training has changed and how I follow these principles.


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