30 Day Results In Advance PROGRAM

Hey there Future Vigor Ground Fam,

If you’re on this page, I’m going to assume you’re curious about Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. Maybe you’ve heard about Vigor Ground from friends, or maybe you found us through the web or social media. Maybe you walked by our downtown Renton location or had a delicious bowl at the FitBar Cafe in our lobby and asked yourself “….wtf is this place?!” If you’re wondering if Vigor Ground could be the right fit for you, you’re in the right place. There’s no better way to feel out and experience Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance than our 30-day Results In Advance Program. With the Vigor Ground 30-day Results In Advance Program, we’re giving our very best so you can see we already help coach, guide, support and challenge you to results before you make a commitment and you can also experience how it’s like to part of the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance Fam.

The Vigor Ground Results In
Advance Program

Includes the folowing
$ 197 Intro price
  • A Fitness and Nutrition Success Blueprint Strategy Session
  • Unlimited Access To Our Award Winning Team Training + Mobility Classes
  • 4x Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions
  • 8x Small Group Personal Training - Women’s Strong(Her) or Men’s Strength Camp
  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching
  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching
  • Accountability Coaching Software

Our Results In Advance Program
is also Risk Free.

We give an unconditional money back guarantee on our 30-days, which means if you feel you didn’t get the value from our coaching, let us know and we’ll refund every penny no questions asked (well kinda, we’ll ask what we can improve so we can make it better). No tricks and funny business or “oh by the way” paperwork to fill out. We’ll put our money where our mouth is and want you to have a full coaching experience and results before you make a decision to move forward with us. It’s that simple.

You may be asking “Why is it so damn cheap?” Good question!

We believe if you come and experience and taste the Vigor magic, you’ll fall in love, move in and take our last name. Or at the least, we know we can give you a great experience that will kickstart your fitness, performance and nutrition goals, and telling your friends how amazing we are.

We know you have a lot of fitness options in Renton and the South Seattle area. We believe it’s an honor to have the chance to earn your trust and earn your business.

One more thing; each month we have a limited availability of the 30-day Results In Advance program so we can make sure you have a great experience. So if you’re interested in joining, the time to act is NOW.

We Help Clients Build Better Bodies, So They Can Write Better Stories (To Their Life)

Our gym isn’t just fitness or nutrition coaching, it’s change you can do and results you can see. We get it. Gyms can be intimidating and fitness isn’t always fun. We also know you’re busy and training hard can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance we hear you and customize things to move at your pace, with your preferences, and adjust to your needs. Some programs move too fast – because they don’t care if you’re overwhelmed. Some programs move too slow – because they don’t listen to the feedback. And other programs just never feel right – because they aren’t customized. We adjust your training, nutrition, habits, based on limiting factors and guide you to your goal. We understand that the only way to change your body (so you can change your story) is to stay consistent and for that you can’t be on cookie cutter training and nutrition coaching. We help clients win and take control of their fitness, nutrition, and habits.


We work with all kinds of people looking to change their body to look, feel, perform and play better (including many who have never belonged to a gym). We’re all about getting you results AND we’re committed to being a fitness home that you actually love.

Vigor Ground has been featured in…

Here's the deal

We know fitness can vibe tough to fit into a busy life. Between career, family and social lives, its tough to make time for self care.

Before they start, many of our client’s are struggling through some half hearted workouts in the gym, confusion of what to do with their training and nutrition. Others have got some results but just can’t seem to get past the dreaded “plateau”, feel stuck, and can’t figure out what is stopping them from getting to the body they want. Some find themselves falling out of the habit all together. Still others have never been a part of gym, because they’re not sure what to do when they’re there, and don’t have a supportive environment to succeed.

As the years pass, they slowly stop recognizing their body. The doctors check in become a disheartening check-in about failed fitness resolutions. They find themselves with less confidence in their relationships and less energy for their careers and their family.

Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance was created to be a solution that works for them.In the last years we’ve been featured in Men’s Health, STACK Magazine. Entrepreneur Magazine, HBO Real Sports, Precision Nutrition, and many of the national and local major news outlets.

Sounds fancy.

And that’s great and all, but we think this is why you should consider joining the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance Family…

GOT questions?

E-mail us at info@hocevarperformance.com or give us a ring at 425-276-5721. You can also always set up a time to come visit us in person.
Look forward to meeting you as you walk through the doors at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.



Get the coaching, support and guidance (you need) to help you get lean, build muscle and take control of your body. The accountability, community, tools, and strategies for you to keep the results for good.

Backed by science, proven over 10-years with results with real clients from every walk of life. Become the next success story by joining today.
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