37 Tips For A Faster Body Transformation

Transforming your body takes work. It takes discipline to stay the course and drive to truly want the end result. 9 times out of 10, it takes accountability as well.

But on top of work, discipline, and accountability… it takes strategy. Strategies for exactly what to implement and exactly how to implement them all.

That’s what I’m giving you today. 37 Strategies to make your Complete Body Transformation, Faster.

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1. Sprint. This is a staple in any great fat loss program, for example – just look at an Olympic Sprint! They’re RIPPED! Sprinting creates a huge energy expenditure [AKA burns calories…], builds lots of lean muscle tissue in the legs and glutes, and creates a huge EPOC effect [Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption] leaving you burning calories for up to 38 hours after sprinting!

2. Strength Train Every Week. This one has a similar description and benefit list as the above, but plain and simple – building muscle leads to less fat and more calories burned on a daily basis.

3. Eat Your Protein! Making sure you have protein in every single meal can increase the Thermic Effect of Food in each meal, meaning you’ll burn more calories at the meal you’re eating if protein is there. It also will help recovery, satiety, and allow your body to build more muscle tissue.

4. Drink Water. This one is a given, but people often forget or over-look its importance. It has many benefits from internal health, joint lubrication, liver detoxification, muscle hydration, and much MUCH more. Shoot for a gallon a day and you’ll be right on track.

5. Eat Your Greens. This one is a HUGE one for me and I make sure all my clients are clear on that. We need the fiber and the nutrients in veggies to be able to perform well and provide our body with the micronutrients it needs to get lean, period. This also helps you feel more full and satisfied throughout the day, without all the extra calories.

6. Watch Your Fats. Things like nuts and peanut butter are very high calorie, although they are nutritious and can be a good addition to a diet; they’re very easy to go overboard with! Monitor their intake to make sure you’re not eating too many calories.

7. Use Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a great cooking oil and addition to anyone’s diet as it has so many benefits from optimizing hormonal to supplying the body with low-carb fuel for great lasting performance. I don’t go a day without this nutrient!

8. Get Fishy. That sounds weird, but I’m completely serious! Taking krill/fish oil or eating fatty fish [Like Wild Caught Salmon] on a daily and/or weekly basis is a huge opportunity to boost fat loss. It has many benefits from improved insulin sensitivity, boosting metabolism, helping lubricate joints for good performance, all the way to about a million internal health benefits. So get fishy with your diet, ASAP!

9. Cut Your Rest Periods Short. Too many people are texting in the gym or bullshitting with your workout buddy, even I get caught slippin! But the truth is, this can be one of the simplest ways to turn up the intensity and burn more calories.

10. Balance Your Diet. Simply balancing your nutrients throughout the day can have a huge variety of benefits for better health and performance as well. So next time you’re planning your diet, shoot to have 5-6 evenly dense meals. Meaning that they all have roughly the same amount of lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats added into them; which will also make them calorically the same as well and reduced the chance of over or under-eating.

11. Track Your Food. I don’t think you absolutely need to use an app like myfitnesspal, although I do believe it helps, but simply tracking your meals in a journal can hold you much more accountable and also gives you the tools needed to see what needs to change when you hit a plateau. If you don’t know what your daily intake looks like, how can you know what’s working and what isn’t?!

12. Measure With Your Hand. If you’re not tracking macros, then start measuring with your hands and stick to that measurement. A handful of protein is enough per meal, a palm full of fats is plenty, and a handful or two of veggies is ideal. After the meal, allow 20 minutes before you say you’re still hungry and go for more food.

13. Train HARDER! Too many people are not gassed after their training sessions and they are just going through the motions, training should be extremely difficult for you and if it is not then you’re not creating a big enough disturbance in your metabolic system and you’re probably not breaking down muscle tissue enough either.

14. Get A Training Partner. To complement the last tip, get a partner. Partners force you to push yourself even hard whether you realize it or not and if you cant get one, join a group training class like our Vigor Ground Team Training. [If you want a chance to Try Us Out, Click Here Now]

15. Ditch The Supp-Stack. Don’t rely on supplements for results; focus on consistency through real foods and hard training.

16. Warm Up Daily. Don’t skip out on mobility, stretching, and your tissue work. If you’re injured or aching all the time, you just cant train hard enough to get results.

17. Time Your Carbs. This is an easy, yet very effective step. Saving your carbs for around your training will allow your body to better utilize the glucose and can help you achieve a leaner physique.

18. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Simple enough, just stop drinking calorie-containing drinks. Anything without calories is much better for you, e.g.- green tea, black coffee, water, etc.

19. Take A “Before Pic”. When you can look back to see where you’ve come from, it helps a lot with furthering your journey and the first time you take this pic, it’ll motivate you to change!

20. Cut Out The Sugars. Sugars have a negative impact on the body in many ways but for a pretty obvious reason it is on here… It gets stored as fat very easily, so cutting sugars out is a big help.

21. Daily Affirmations. This has nothing physical to do with fat loss, but can be a huge help. When we’re searching for weight loss, there is going to be road bumps and times we get down on ourselves. So writing daily positive affirmations about yourself and your life can be a very helpful way to stay positive and motivated to work.

22. Sleep More. Sleep is our body’s chance to recoup and recovery, which is also its chance to create the results we worked for during the waking hours. So don’t skip on this.

23. Lower Stress. This relates to the above because more sleep = less stress. But the truth is that stress impacts the body’s hormones dramatically and when the stress hormones are not in a good place, the body will not burn fat or build muscle efficiently at all.

24. Eat More Fiber. Having enough fiber in your diet is huge for hunger/satiety, hormonal balance, digestive and gut health, and ensuring you got a good poop cycle going on [Don’t be afraid to talk about poop, its important for fat loss too!]. Good amount of fiber would be 10-15g per 1,000 calories in your diet, minimum.

25. Build Habits, Slowly. Don’t go gung-ho with your diet and training right off the bat because it wont be sustainable and most likely will be stressful and overwhelming. Start small and build up, progressively over the long haul.

26. Use A Greens Supp Daily. This is another I’m a huge believer in because it is so crucial to get your nutrients from whole raw foods. Most of us don’t have the time to eat every color veggie and fruit every day, plus we don’t want to exceed calories. This is where a greens sup comes into play!

27. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Rest Day. Too many people train 7 days a week and do more cardio as if it’ll be good, but truth is your body needs recovery just as much as training. So take a day off each week from the weights.

28. Active Recovery. As I stated above, I believe a rest day is crucial for results but that doesn’t mean sit on your ass all day! Get out, go for a walk, do hot yoga, stretch, or take a hike. Do something to keep blood flow in the muscles and your body moving, but that isn’t over doing it either.

29. Clean The Kitchen. Get rid of all the junk in your house, if you’re going to commit to fat loss then you don’t need them anyway and too many times you’ll open the cabinet to deal with the temptation – the best way to fight temptation, is to eliminate it.

30. Make It Public. Making your goal or fat loss journey public via Facebook, Instagram, friends, family, etc. is a great way to hold you accountable. Everyone will be expecting you to be working towards it and they will end up asking, so prove it to yourself and them that you can do it!

31. Set Goals With Dates. Setting goals is the only way to get somewhere the right way. If you don’t have a goal you don’t know where to go or how to get there, it’s like using a map but not having a destination.

32. Get Creative, Culinary Style. Learn new recipes and utilize spices and herbs, this will make the meal more appetizing, add some fun into your cooking, and help you stay consistent with meals.

33. Minimize Red Meat. Red meat isn’t bad for you but it can also not be the best. By minimizing it you can lower calories and replace the fat from the meat with better choices like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, almonds, and flax.

34. Optimize Your Core 4. The core 4 is Body, Being, Balance, and Business. This is just saying you need to make sure all areas of your life are on track, because if one is off then they all will fall off [To Learn More about Core 4 and your chance to Apply For The Men’s Elite Transformation Program, Click Here Now]

35. Cut Out Alcohol. Alcohol can impair hormones and it is a poison to our liver, when it is in our system our liver cannot oxidize fat, which doesn’t allow us to burn any calories until the alcohol is out of our system. So cutting down is a HUGE help.

36. Drink Vodka Sodas. Obviously we all want a social life outside the gym, so when you do decide to have some drinks go for a vodka diet soda. This has WAY less calories and vodka is the lowest sugar alcohol available.

37. Be Consistent. This is the last, but the most important tip. If you cannot be consistent with a diet and training program you cannot expect results. Greatness doesn’t come over night. So train hard, eat right and wait it out by being patient and trusting the process. The body will adjust, make progress, and show results in time but you need to be consistent on a daily basis for this to happen.

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