The Proven 5-Step War Map For Every Mans Transformation Revealed

As a man, there are a few things we want to check off our list when it comes to transforming our body and achieving maximal results.

  • Remove the Belly. Our old pal has been with us quite a while, too long in fact… That’s the hardest thing for us guys to lose but it’s the one thing we NEED to strip down during our transformation.
  • Have Better Energy. Once mid day, early afternoon, hits us… it’s like Zeus zapped us with his lighting bolt and stole all voltage from our bodies. We crash, when we need it most – work is over, we need to hit the gym, take care of kids, have time with the wife or girlfriend… That is one thing that is in desperate need of a serious change.
  • Feel F#*king Good! From our joints to our confidence, we just want to feel good again.

If you wrapped up those 3 simple goals, it would take you back to being an athlete again… wouldn’t it? Maybe you didn’t play sports, but I’m sure there was a point in time in your life where you felt like the man. You felt strong, fast, mobile, and able to do whatever, whenever you wanted or needed to.

The truth is…that doesn’t need to be a distant memory any longer. At Vigor Ground Fitness, we see countless men who walk in the front door who are tired of feeling this way and are ready to feel strong again and that is exactly what they get.

Here’s how:


1.) Community

The community here at Vigor is like nowhere else, period. Now that’s not to say other places in the country have great communities with a unique culture that stands out and creates a cult like atmosphere that keeps people engaged, on fire, and constantly pushing towards their goals… But in Seattle, this is that place.

But the main point here is simple, it’s the culture that has our men moving forward week after week, month after month, and even year after year. Without a culture packed community, the training atmosphere isn’t hype enough to have guys screaming and hitting PR’s every single training session.

Let me ask you this… How many times have you gone to the gym, alone, and it just wasn’t the same? You just really didn’t get amped up or see any amazing performance occur… You probably sat more, texted more, people watched more, and even felt unconfident about what you were doing during your workout, because others around could be “judging you”.

The honest truth of that is that those people in the gym were probably not judging you at all; in fact they could care less about you or what you’re doing. But I get it; we all get it here at Vigor because we’ve been there. But the feeling of this still isn’t fun, nor does it allow you to truly push yourself to your best potential and without doing that you just will not see the same results.

But when you have a community filled with true culture, this feeling is non-existent. We don’t have time to text or even think about it, we’re busy crushing weights and embracing the session with our fellow men that are in the exact same place we are. See culture is impossible to replicate or copy, it’s built by actions and carried on by people over time – it’s a movement.

This is #1 on our list for a reason…Without this, life long progress is impossible.

smart training

2.) Smart Training

I know we all want to feel like an athlete again, and we can… but that doesn’t mean we can just run out into the field jumping hurdles or throwing weights around without warming up properly, expecting not to pull a hammy or throw out our back again.

Trust me when I saw, “We train hard”. But more importantly we train smart.

This means dialing in a specific pre training mobility routine that opens us up, joint by joint, and stretching the muscles dynamically, head to toe.

Following this we enter into a specific pre training activation phase, because without priming our bodies and muscles properly – they will not fire when we need them most, under the bar. 75% or more of men have at least one inactive muscle group or imbalance in their body, so jumping into the training session cold and without firing up those inactive muscle groups – we lock up, tighten up, and create MORE imbalance or injury risk.

Now before I continue down on this list of how we program our training to make sure that you’re never hurt and constantly seeing progress, I’ll just tell you that it works and it works well. You’re not here to learn the science behind it all, that’s our jobs. But you are here to figure out what the proven steps to transformation are and this is one of them.

Training is what creates muscle and strength. It’s what challenges our body and mind. It’s what pushes us to burn more body fat and build slabs of lean muscle tissue. Without training, we don’t see transformation. Period. But without it being smart, specifically programmed, training – we likely tap out shortly after we start, due to over training or injuries occurring well before we reach our goals.


3.) Guided Nutrition

Then comes the #1 struggle in every man’s journey to a better body… nutrition. The crazy thing almost all of our guys find out shortly after implementing our diet strategies, is that this shit is more simple than you’d think.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, by any means, because believe me when I tell you that you must do the work to reap the benefits. But following a nutrition plan also doesn’t mean eating chicken and broccoli out of tupperware all day or completely eliminating your nights with the lady and some whiskey.

It means you need to have a plan. You need to have some form of planned eating and knowledge about what you’re eating, why you’re eating it, how to eat it, and when you should be eating it. The key to long-term nutritional success is healthy flexibility and NOT rigid dieting.

The second key variable to this is that our “strategy” is dynamic; it changes depending on the individual. Bob doesn’t like the same foods as Steve, nor does he need the same amount of calories or have the same exact goals. Everything changes, slightly, for the guy we’re working with. The same compound principles stay, because they’re crucial for us all – guidelines for veggies, protein per meal, carbohydrate timing, water, etc.

But the rest varies depending on you and we help you structure that specifically.

4.) Accountability

Now for what holds everything together; the glue of it all – ACCOUNTABILITY.

We all are likely familiar with how important this is, no matter what we’re striving to achieve. Accountability is what makes sure you do the work. It’s what keeps you to your word. It’s what allows you to measure the progress and reflect each week, to determine if or what needs to change next week in order to stay in line with the outcome you’ve set for yourself.

Non-stop accountability, in and outside of the gym walls, is the reason our men have the ability to see their results continue to progress over time. From the gym atmosphere, to the team unit we’ve developed inside Mansformation, to the Private Facebook Support Forum that is active every single day, to the ability to have access to your coach damn near 24-7…

Accountability is stronger than ever inside the program today and it’s that very reason the Mansformation and Vigor Ground Movement keeps producing the highest results around.

If there is anything you’re missing from attacking your goals head first, it’s this.


5.) Commitment

Finally, the obvious…Without commitment to yourself, to your outcome and to this journey, you cannot expect the result to actually happen.

See the reason commitment has been so hard for you in the past is simply because you have been missing steps #1-4. Without a community to support you, smart training to keep you progressing, nutrition guidance to optimize your body for it all, and the accountability system needed to stick to the game plan week after week without stress – it’s difficult to truly commit.

The truth is, this is a process. Results don’t happen over night and any result you can achieve in 30 days or less simply doesn’t last. So committing to a minimum of 90 Days is the final piece of the puzzle that puts it all together.

If you’re tired of being stuck where you’re at now. Sick of not loving what you see in the mirror, being tired every day, and not thriving as the man you once were and know you can very well become…

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What we’ve found with every man who steps into these doors and fully commits to all of the above is that their life takes off in so many other ways than just the physical.

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