17 Parts To Building An Extraordinary Life and Body

We all strive to live an extraordinary life, because who in their right mind wants to stay at ordinary? That’s right – Nobody does.

But the sad truth in today’s day and age is that a very small amount of the population truly understands how to achieve a life that is extraordinary and a body to carry you through it. Not to mention there’s even fewer out there who will take control and ownership of leading other men through that process.

See over the last decade or more Luka Hocevar has ran businesses, traveled the world, studied everything under the sun, learned from some of the greats, had amazing relationships, went through terrible experiences (physically, emotionally, and mentally), and experienced massive ups and downs through it all.

I myself have a similar story, except I had the honor of starting that entire process at a much younger age. Over the last 7 years I’ve transformed my body losing 50lbs of fat, started mentoring under Luka – and some other greats – soaking up insights from all of Luka’s experiences above, started traveling to experience life, had outstanding relationships and plenty of not-so-outstanding ones, built my own successful business, coached hundreds of people and reached thousands online around the world, and have worked harder then ever to fight my own mental battles and demons along the way.

The point is, ‘we’ve done some things and seen some shit’ that has put us in a place to not only live extraordinarily, but also teach and lead others in exactly how to live their lives at an extraordinary level as well.

If I had you stop reading this, right now, and look at any over the top successful business owner, husband, entrepreneur or entrepreneur, athlete, physical specimen, self-development guru, or whoever else you look up to as the “has it all” type of man.

They all have a system.

They all have key components to why they are where they are.

Key components to why they have success financially, but also in their physical body and in their relationships too.
Add to that they have confidence and a mindset that is indestructible.

This is not an accident, it’s not genetics, and it’s not “God’s gift to them and only them”.

It’s on purpose and if you decide to have all that too, you can.

See we’ve used a system for years now and it’s completely transformed the lives of hundreds of men, including our own, by transforming our financial situation, physical bodies, relationships, spirituality, and every other aspect of our lives.

But the more I studied what these other men were doing, the more I realized it was all the same.

Our system was just like theirs and targeted all the same areas of life; we just called it by a different name and coached it in a different way.

So without further a due, I give you 17 Parts To Building An Extraordinary Life and Body.


Integrity is the essence of everything successful

Part of living an extraordinary life comes down to living in full integrity. This doesn’t just mean telling the truth to those around you, but also being 100% transparent with yourself.

See what we’ve found over the years, is that the typical man hides behind many walls to protect what actually hurts him inside and what he actually desires to achieve. Often being afraid to expose what he truly wants, the typical man is missing the one thing that is holding him back from diving into the journey head on – which is integrity.

Once you start being completely transparent with yourself, you will discover doors being opened that once never existed or could even be imagined.


There is something that comes out of a man when he taps into his full capability physically. Those who have pushed beyond the physical limits they thought they had, which are always much further away from you then you allow yourself to believe, know and have felt this shift that occurs.

Whether it’s a SealFit Event, Warrior Week, a 50+ lb Transformation, or Entering into a Type of MMA… You will shift.

You will shift into a new type of power, one that you haven’t experienced or felt before.
That is exactly why I constantly preach, “Your Body is The Fastest Path To Power”.

It’s in a man’s DNA and epigenetics. It’s where the term Alpha came from. It’s what made heroic figures heroic and icons of our past, present and future icons.

What I’m saying here is not about being shredded like Superman or Hercules; it’s about thriving in your vessel of life. It’s about being strong for yourself and your family. It’s about being mentally tougher and knowing exactly what it takes to push through struggle. It’s about regularly releasing the endorphins that come along with hard training and fueling your body to produce on a level you have not yet experienced.

If you want to be more productive, have better energy every single day, stay in a better mood more often, be confident about the body you live in, and have hormones that are thriving and not plummeting… you need to be physical.

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To yourself and everyone and thing in your life; for you.

I say “for you” because this is more for you personally than anyone else. Yeah, somewhat selfish but you know what they say on a plane – “Put your life mask on first”.

And it’s the absolute truth.

After working with hundreds and hundreds of men, we’ve discovered that one of the biggest reasons men fail to truly appreciate their significant other has nothing to do with “not loving them” and a hell of a lot more to do with “not loving and appreciating themselves”.

This is where we need to focus on a few things, but first and foremost is learning to love and appreciate yourself. You cannot live an extraordinary life if you do not even love yourself, period.

If you do not dig into this and 100% believe it, you will not allow yourself to receive love and appreciation from anyone else nor will you fully succeed in any endeavor because you do not see yourself worthy of any of it.

Gratitude is a driver that never loses fuel

If you can begin to love yourself, love your partner, love your family, love your friends, love your past, and love your life… You will then begin to transform it into an extraordinary one.


Giving just fucking feels good, plain and simple. Whether it’s time, gifts, words of appreciation, guidance, or anything else for that matter – the more you give, the more you shall receive.

And it only works this way if you give-to-give, rather than giving just in hopes of receiving.


In other words, you need to focus on continual expansion if you want to create and live an extraordinary life and body. 

So whether that’s researching the most simple and stress free methods to drop body fat and move better or it’s new ways to market your business, you should always be striving to discover new ways to expand your mind.

Once you discover, you need to declare – or in other words, execute what you’ve learned. If we do not take action immediately, we lose the methodology and knowledge we’ve discovered.

Extraordinary men know and can perform extraordinary things. But they didn’t get there by waiting for someone to pass things on; they went out and learned for themselves or found someone to teach them so they could apply things to their own life.

6.) FUN… YES, FUN!

We’ve done it too many times and we’ve seen too many guys do it as well… Burn out after grinding day after day.

Most people do one of two things, they either set a new goal and go balls to the wall at it with an all or nothing approach and neglect all else or they approach the goal as if they’re in a race and if they don’t see that change over night they give it up as if it’s not possible.

The truth is simple; the most successful men in the world all have a specific time of their day, week and month where they create space for themselves. Whether it’s a float tank session where they just be quiet and relax, a nature hike to just be to themselves in the fresh outdoors, or it’s a pick up game of hoops with their buddies.

The point is, they enjoy themselves on a regular basis and make a point to actually do something for themselves.

So many men work their asses off and never even enjoy themselves. It’s all work and no play. That is a recipe for destructive behavior that will lead to burning things that you love down to the ground.

Our advice is simple – Work your ass off so you can enjoy the things and people you love.

Not only will this allow you to create more longevity in your hustle (both work and fitness) but it will also provide purpose to what you’re chasing.

Having a million dollars and a six pack would be cool and all…but having true love and children who truly look up to you beats that any day and provides a purpose to your hustle like you’ve never felt before.


I think this should be obvious, but lets be honest… I’ve been a coach of training and nutrition for years now, so that may just be to me personally.

We know that 90% of men who walk into the front door, struggle with their nutrition above all else.

We also know from personal experience, client testimonies, and studies upon studies that if you prioritize your health and place focus on your nutrition, you will begin to live a life on an entirely different level.

Sleep, stress, body fat levels, muscle mass, memory, focus, productivity, disease prevention, joint pain, mood, energy, and so many more things are directly tied to your health and nutrition. Once you begin to focus on this, everything takes off.

Think of yourself as a car (yes, the infamous cheeseball personal trainer one liner)… Would you rather be the Ferrari or the Ford Pinto? I assume you’re saying the Ferrari…

I know that may sound obvious, but how would you honestly fuel your Ferrari if you had one? With the top notch shit in every department, I assume.

So why not your body? Is your body not worth that too you? It’s literally the only thing that’s carrying you through this life and a lot of how long that life is, and the quality of it, is determined by what you consume…

I’m not here to tell you that you can never have a beer, but I am here to tell you that living an extraordinary life means you put effort into what you consume. Fueling your body for success means you’re consuming food that supports better energy, brain function, training, and much more.

Its number 7, but its importance is at the very top because this one thing changes every other bullet point in this article and then some.


It’s no coincidence that some of the greatest minds in history along with the most successful men today, all share this one activity in common…

Meditation is the practice that allows you to separate yourself from negativity and stress.

It’s the practice that allows you to plant thoughts of belief inside your mind.

It’s the practice that when done frequently and consistently, can remove doubt, fear and judgment from your mind and allow you to take control of everything in your life and achieve real power.

Meditation is a gift. It’s something that can allow you to reach another level mentally and emotionally. Anyone not taking advantage of this is doing himself a disservice and is taking away one of the most powerful tools in leading to an extraordinary life.

Not too mention it’s an extremely useful recovery strategy that can help you take your body to another level as well.


Writing has been shown in studies to improve activity in multiple parts of the brain, which ultimately will allows us to problem solve better, focus better, and have better memory. Add to all that, it helps the creative function of our brain as well.

All these skills and improvements are arguably fundamental tools to live an extraordinary life and/or do extraordinary things. They’re also all things that can contribute to consistency, motivation and working through plateaus – in all areas of life.

But lets back away from the science… there’s more too journaling than just becoming a smarter and more focused man.

Journaling allows you to truly put your thoughts on paper. Ideas, insecurities, revelations, lessons and everything in between.

This is exactly why we take many of our elite coaching guys through activities like Positive Focus, Gratitude’s, The Stack, and other personal development practices that can truly expand an individual.


Speaking of which… Positive Focus is a daily act and a small part of what we call “The Stack” that allows you to break down a situation, good or bad, and learn from it so you can grow.

It’s as simple as:

“What Happened?”
“Why’s It Positive?”
“What’s The Lesson Learned?”
“How Can You Apply This Lesson To Your Life?”

If you can take things that occur in your life or situations from you past, even the bad ones you choose to ignore or run from, and run through this sequence… you will shift in such a positive way, it’s unbelievable.

We’ve watched men completely change their attitudes, mindsets, and ways of reacting simply from this one thing.

You cannot run from the shitty things that happen to you and you cannot ignore all the small victories that occur either, which is why this is so valuable to your growth and expansion.

Whether they call it Positive Focus or not, every extraordinary man practices something along these lines to constantly learn from the actions that take place in their lives.


This is another form of journaling that relates to the point of love and appreciation. It’s also something we recommend to do on a daily basis, preferably first thing in the morning.

You cannot continue to move forward if you do not stop and appreciate where you’ve come from and what you already have

I’ll say it again – Gratitude is the driving force that never loses fuel.

Writing down 3-5 things that have happened to you or that are in your current life which you’re grateful for every single day will completely shift why you do what you do and how well you do what you do.

It’s simple, yet extremely effective and over looked. Do this; all the most extraordinary men do it too.

12.) TRIPLE-R – Rest. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Sleep, massage, mediation, float tanks, ice baths, vacation… I could name a million ways to take advantage of this concept but it’s simple; you need to take advantage of this piece.

Many high level science based coaches would argue that recovery is literally just as important as training is, if not more. Because at the end of the day, that’s actually when you rebuild tissue – AKA build muscle.

Not too mention when you’re sleeping, you burn body fat and recover your central nervous system that will allow you to perform better in many ways.

Lets take it a step further… Working, communicating with others, and every other aspect of your day-to-day life takes energy. If you do not stop, rest up, fully recovery, and rejuvenate, you will simply not be able to push yourself for more.

I know so many guys who have failed at this, Luka and I have both personally failed at this, and I would not be surprised at all if you can relate to this as well.

Going hard day after day only lasts for so long and it is a pretty damn short period of time if we’re going to be honest.

This is probably the least sexy and interesting part of this entire article, but it may very well be the most important part.

13.) Shining Light, On The Darkness.

We all have shit that we’re hiding from, that we do not like to talk about, that we have ran from, and that we’re likely still ignoring to this day.

But the truth is, doing this will never allow you to grow past these things. You have to shine light on the dark in order to rid of this dark.

The reoccurring thought process of every man is that they are alone, nobody gets what they’re going through or had to go through, and that if they just push that shit way down in their gut it’ll disappear eventually.

Well… unfortunately that’s far from the truth. In fact the more men do this, the more that story will fuck with them until it sabotages completely unrelated things in their lives. Things in their mind, relationship, body, and career.
So how do you shine light? Shit… that’s a loaded question and requires some deeper level work. But you can start with practicing some of the concepts in this article like meditation and positive focus.

The part I want to get across to you reading this is that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to be afraid of parts of your past. And it’s ok to embrace your “dark side” at times if that means bringing out more of the light.

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Purpose is everything. Purpose is the one thing that will get you out of bed every single morning and keep you up at night by keeping your mind consumed in how to expand for it.

But most people haven’t gone deep enough to realize their true purpose. Most men haven’t been taught or led by anyone who can show them what real purpose is.

It’s more than a six-pack or a big check. It’s more than any material thing. And it’s more than we can explain; it’s something we can only feel.

We’ve all been guilty of claiming we just want money, cars, a big house, and a hot wife – but the truth is that if you do not put a burning desire and true purpose behind what you do, it just won’t grow to extraordinary levels.


Resistance is everything that tells us not to take action.

Resistance is every doubt in our minds that holds us back from moving forward.

Resistance is anything that is trying to slow us down.

When you learn how to push into that resistance and take control of your life, you will be 10x as successful in any and all aspects of your life.

We get resistance every single day… shit you’re going to get massive resistance in every single thing you try to implement from this article, I live this shit daily and I still get resistance to do it sometimes.

But because I know that pushing past that will allow me to grow even more, I win the battle inside my mind.

The Obstacle Is The Way


Not the manliest thing to say, but it’s the damn truth. Practicing the 3 A’s of life, “Appreciation, Attention and Affection”, on a daily basis is the key to winning your woman’s heart and taking your relationship to a level you’ve never felt before.

But it’s also exactly what every single man actually wants. But how do you receive this? Refer to #4… GIVE IT.

At the end of the day this means giving love, receiving love, having meaningful sex, and truly engaging in affection with someone in your life.

Most men don’t like to talk about it, but all we truly want is to connect with a woman on a level we never knew existed. Well a part of living an extraordinary life is having an extraordinary relationship.


Every extraordinary man who lives an extraordinary lifestyle has a tribe of other men who are striving for the same thing – or who have already conquered that and are now leading others to it.

There’s never been a single primate in history that survived completely alone.

We need companionship. We need a team. We need guidance. We need support.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In order to live an extraordinary life, you need to accept and embrace this concept. Then find a tribe to roll with.

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