A Man’s Search For Transformation – The Handbook

Transformation is typically defined as a physical appearance being drastically changed, for the better. But in the eyes and minds of most men, it’s much more than that.

Even if you successfully transform your body, which we see here quite often at Vigor Ground, so much more goes happens other than just dropping pants sizes or adding slabs of muscle.

You look drastically different, yes…But your mindset shifts into a powerful place.

Your certainty and confidence in everything you do and say is in a completely different, and higher, position. When your mindset shifts and you show up with a confidence and certainty that matches your appearance, you treat every single relationship you have differently – you show up as a different man.

When you can transform your body, shift your mindset, and show up as a new man in your relationships, your business goes through the roof.

Regardless of any new marketing strategies – this is fact, we’ve seen it personally and with hundreds of men as well.

And that’s why we practice what we practice, live how we live, and push ourselves for expansion in so many other areas of our lives besides just our physical capabilities.

It’s also why we’ve created the Men’s Elite Transformation Program – The 90-Day Resurrection.

Because we know if you truly want to transform your life in more ways than one, so you can drastically change you body, your mind, your relationship, and your business… You need to dial in each of those areas with a specific system and in that specific order.

See, we’ve done a ton of research on the topic of “Men“. Read books, worked with coaches and mentors, traveled for seminars and workshops, gone through retreats, and tried every single “practice” or “ritual” out there to empower ourselves as men.

What we’ve come to discover, is that every single system and extremely successful man has played this game with the same tools. We all use the tools slightly different and as we need them, but the foundations never change.

And they go like this…

1.) Take ownership of your fitness, nutrition, and health to become physically capable the way men were intended to be – only then can you take back control of your body. This is the path to power. This is the very first step into completely taking control of your life.

2.) You will begin to shift and see certainty in your state of mind. Your mindset will start to shift into a position of power, but the key is to take it a step further and follow a system that lets you build upon that power – creating an unstoppable mindset.

3.) Naturally you will show up in your relationships differently. Your family, your co-workers, your friends, and, most importantly, your spouse will treat you different because that’s what you’ve become, different. But as always, you build on that and show the upmost appreciation, honor and love so that you can create a relationship only imaginable to dreamers.

4.) When you’ve come this far, you are in so much more power and have so much certainty of who you are and what you’re capable of, your business will take off due to the energy you’re bringing into your career. Whether you own a business or work for someone else, you will grow to a point that your financial situation will follow suite. You’ll be an action taker, a confident decision maker, and a mother-fucking producer. Period.

This may sound all to good to be true, I get it. I remember someone telling me this and thinking the exact same thing…

But this is real.

It’s simple, but far from easy. You need to do the work.

You need to be the one to take back control of your life and make the decision to shift into power.

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As declared in the title, this is the handbook. So I’m not going to stop here, I’m going to give you strategies, examples, practices, and help you see the power in this system.

This handbook will not give you the transformation; you need to do the work to get that. But it will show you the possibilities waiting for you.

It will show you how you can stop living in self-doubt, emotionless activities, and mental pain. Then it will give you the power to see the light waiting on the other side of the dark, the exciting truth of how life can be lived, and the man you could be if you decided to become him.


As I’ve been saying thus far, the first step in achieving power is taking back control of your body. Your body is the path to the changes you would like to see in all the areas of your life.

The reason we’re so persistent with this is because it’s the most important part of all this. If you stop after this and all’s you do is focus on transforming your body, through dropping body fat and building lean muscle mass…

You will drastically improve your quality of life.

You will significantly increase the longevity of your life.

You will boost your cognitive abilities, allowing yourself to problem solve and creatively think on an entirely different level – one that you’ve never experienced before.

Your thought process towards the world, and more importantly, towards yourself will shift from questionable at times to unbelievingly certain all the time.

The list goes on but the reality is simple, changing your body changes it all. And because of this, we need to hammer this point in deep so it’s known and never debated.

So in this game, how do we attack our fitness? How do we start to shift? If we’ve already shifted, how do we double down?

We believe in daily activity. Because fitness is just physicality and physicality simply means moving your body and being fully aware of your body.

So this could be lifting some heavy shit in the gym or sprinting up a grass hill or doing mobility in your living room. The concept is simple; you’re using your body and you’re using it often.

If you’re already a gym rat or someone who trains often, your next goal is to knock this out before you step out of the house. Meaning that you wake up early and hit 50 push ups, go on a 10-20 minute walk, or do some stretching and mobility first thing in the morning. Start your day off with movement.

This will shift your mindset for the day, it will get your body and brain working better and most of all it will build the habit of expansion – working to grow, constantly.

The absolute easiest way to get into a routine and enjoy actually sticking to that routine is to be a part of a community with similar goals. Joining a culture that is inspiring and motivating, with coaches who WILL keep you accountable the entire way to your goal.

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But if you’re already in a gym, lock in your routine. Plan ahead and create a system that has you living by this code, the code of expansion.

Daily movement will not “just happen” if you do not plan ahead and decide exactly where you will train and how you will be training.

And remember, do not complicate this. The goal is daily movement to become more physically active and more aware of your body.

Start slow and progress from there or seek guidance from a coach who will tailor the program to you, so you don’t need to worry about the stress and confusion associated of walking into the gym aimlessly.

So that’s part 1, of part 1…In other words, you “Get a point” for your daily activity. But taking control of your body doesn’t stop there.

Nutrition is just as big a part of this as training and/or movement is.

At the end of the day, everything we consume directly affects the way our mind and bodies function which means it has a direct and massive affect on how we produce results in our lives.

So your “point” for this, is a green smoothie. You can blend up some berries, protein and kale or you can drink down a greens supplement like Athletic Greens. But the point is simple, you get it in and you do so preferably first thing in the morning.

Just like training, we want to set our day up for success and that means hitting your smoothie first thing in the morning every single day.

With many of our clients, we take it a step further and create specific nutrition guidelines and plans for them to follow to optimize their results. But regardless of the plan, the greens smoothie is in the mix.

I said it once but I’m going to say it again… Nutrition is one of the biggest keys to optimizing the way we produce, mentally and physically.

So if you truly want to transform your body and your life, you cannot skip this step. There is a big reason why Fitness and Nutrition came first.


I’m sure you can relate when I say that 75% of the guys struggle with their mindset to actually do the work consistently above all else.

“We know what to do and when we do what we know, we get what we want.”

The difficult part in that little riddle is the “doing” part.

You know what real whole foods are and that they’re good for you. You know exactly what processed foods are and that they’re not very good for you. You know which you’re supposed to choose.

But do you? Probably not. At least not enough, to get the result you want.

So part of this comes down to accountability and that’s why we have helped thousands of people – yes, literally thousands – over the years completely transform their bodies. We help these people find structure, balance, and a system that works for them personally, and then we hold them brutally accountable the entire process through it.

But the truth of the matter is, we’re not with every individual every hour of the week.

In fact, at the absolute most we’re with them 4-6 hours a week. We hold them accountable using social media, software, texting, etc…but they’re only at the gym for 4-6 hours, meaning they’re NOT in the gym for 162-164 hours per week.

That time away massively outweighs the time they are with us in the gym and because of that, the most crucial way we can affect that time outside the gym is by helping them conquer the battles that go on in their heads and rewrite the stories they tell themselves.

See most of us have stories of doubt, fear and worry of judgment – this applies to failure and success, not only if we fail.

So how do we change it?

Once again, we attack it every single day. Daily habits are the key to massive growth and complete transformation.

And just like your body, if you can knock these things out before you even leave the house – you will spend you entire day in so much more power that the likelihood of you succeeding will be doubled.

First is going to be meditation.

And let me be very clear here, meditation is not sitting in the middle of a carpet sitting crisscrossed while humming and thinking about absolutely nothing (and you do not need to hold your fingers in that weird “aye ok” like position that you see in the picture above).

Your brain is going a million miles an hour; thinking about nothing is literally impossible. The goal here isn’t to stop it; it’s to control it.

When we control our minds we can slow things down. We can eliminate negative thoughts, stories, and feelings of anxiety for a brief moment of time.

But if we do this often, we can take control of the anxiety and stress even when we’re not meditating. Because meditation is a pathway to controlling your mind and as we said before, mindset is a big player in this transformation game.

Start with 5 minutes and as you get more consistent, you’ll be able to increase that time up to 20 minutes or more.

During that meditation, you pick a specific mantra that will give you power.

When your mind starts racing to other topics that are distracting or stressful, you bring yourself right back to the mantra.

For example, a mantra I use very often is: “My anxiety is my excited”

And it’s true 99% of the time. I build up stress, fear, doubt, and get anxious over some of the most exciting things in my life. Whether that’s a big milestone in my business that’s causing more responsibility or it’s my baby on the way.

I’m beyond grateful and excited about these things. I want them. I’ve wanted them for a while now and I am happy they’re here.

But it causes anxiety and that anxiety causes stress, which takes me out of power. So when I meditate on this mantra, I can take that power back and have more control over the outcomes in my life.

Another example is when I know I have a lot of work to do in a given day and I will meditate using the mantra, “I am a producer and today I will produce in power, with purpose and passion”.

Whether you need self confidence, appreciation, or to reduce stress and anxiety… there is a mantra that can be created out of it and when you speak it into the universe, you become more powerful than the stress itself.

This is so unbelievably powerful that we recommend it to every single person we come in contact with. The next part is pretty powerful as well but it’s a worksheet and you would fill it out every single day.

We call this Positive Focus and it’s the beginning of a much more in depth process we call the stack, which comes later on.

Positive focus is a specific sequence of questioning that forces you to look at a situation, good or bad, extract a specific positive thing about that situation and then find the lesson behind it all. Then you will become very clear on exactly how you can apply that lesson to each aspect of your life.

See most guys, especially high level producers, run right past victories and daily wins without even stopping to appreciate them.

Big or small, we need to stop and smell the roses because if you do not stop to appreciate your small wins then you will stop having any wins at all.

Adding to that, if you cannot look at a negative situation and remain calm enough to learn from it… you will not get far in this life.

This worksheet allows you to shift your mindset and see possibilities out of every situation that presents itself in your life.

To say that this is valuable for expansion is a massive understatement.

If you’d like a copy of the Positive Focus worksheet to help shift your mindset today, enter your email below and we’ll send it directly to your inbox.


Relationships…this is likely the most meaningful thing in your life. Yet if you’re like any other high producing man on this planet, it’s the last thing you devote time and energy into and the first thing you take out frustration on.

Relationships are unbelievably important because it’s where our purpose lies. It’s where we create experience, love, and passion. It’s why we do what we do.

In fact, if you look at this from an ancestral or historic point of view – there has never been any documentation of a mammal surviving without some form of companionship.

Every species needs other lives in their own lives, to survive. This is why we thrive when we’re a part of a tribe, a team, a group, or a team.

This is why we cannot help but become consumed by another individual and do everything possible to impress that one person constantly…yep, I’m talking about love here guys.

It’s why we want to recreate and raise children, it’s why we care about what our peers think of our actions, and why we’re so naturally competitive as men.

It’s instinct. It’s nature. It’s in our DNA.

Whether you believe in God or something else, the universe is the way it is for a reason and the exact same concept applies to our need for relationships and companionship.

The part where men seemed to have fucked it all up is in the appreciation aspect.

Why is it that this is so important, yet we forget to let the people know we appreciate them?

Even worse, why don’t we consciously make the effort to be grateful and appreciative for the relationships for our own benefit?

Taking things for granted is a sure shot way to lose them quick. The same applies for actually showing that appreciation and gratitude because just like you, they need to feel it too.

So by now I assume you can get the concept of why relationships are so important, so the next piece is taking action.

See if you’ve been implementing everything we’ve talked about this far, you’ll realize that everything leads into the next part and by implementing everything in this order you will already be showing up in your relationships differently.

They will feel it; it’s a type of new energy you bring into the room and into the conversation that cannot be ignored.

This is good news because your relationships will already be shifting for the better and you haven’t even implemented any of our strategies to set those relationships on fire and take them to a higher level.

For example…

What would happen if you sat down with your wife or girlfriend, put the phone away, turned off the TV, and just had a real conversation. During that conversation you told her that you appreciate her for everything she’s done for you and you truly honor the relationship you have with her.

I’m not going to describe the scene to follow this, man…. But the point is simple, you may have never done that and it would drastically change your connection to the woman you love.

AND IT’S EASY. Why? Because it’s real. You’re not lying at all and it literally took you a matter of 2 minutes to let her know that.

What if you did that every day?

That’s step 2 in changing the relationship game – step 1 is showing up as a different man, which you’re already doing since you’ve shifted your body and mindset with part 1 and 2.

The simplest way to take a relationship from dull back to excitement, from good to great, or from great to ablaze – is to create a unique appreciation message every single day.

The message could be a voice mail, a hand written note, a text message, a note written in dry eraser marker on the mirror (that one works well gentlemen, trust me), or simply looking her in the eyes and telling her…the point is, you do it every single day – non-negotiable.

We like to use one or all of the words ‘Appreciation’, ‘Love’, and ‘Honor’, but you can use your own as well. Again, the point here is showing and realizing what you have and never taking it for granted.

It’s so simple that it should never be skipped; yet the incredible shift this simple concept will make on your relationships is unbelievable.

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a significant other…so what do I do?” or “Why stop at my girlfriend?!

This step can be applied to family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else that’s in your life. But the rule here is that if you do have a spouse, she is the priority.

This life you’ve created, is your kingdom. Every kingdom has a King, but the King will not survive without his Queen. So your first and most crucial message goes to the queen.

Your second message, or the first if you don’t have a “Queen”, goes to anyone else – ideally varying it day to day.

This really is the main focus or task of the relationships within this system, because if we do not build appreciation and gratitude for them we will either lose them or the stress of what’s going on inside that relationship will overwhelm us, causing more stress and less production.

We all know that if we have issues in this realm, the rest of what we’re focusing on goes to absolute shit. Because it will consume our mind…so instead of letting it get to that point, show the appreciation it deserves and keep it stronger than ever.

The second focus is another simple one yet massively under-valued.

Date night. When was the last time you went on a date with your girlfriend or wife?

I mean the kind of date where you planned it out, dressed to impress her, left your phone back home and were actually present in the moment, to the point you lost track of time.

I’d have you consider that she cares a hell of a lot more about quality time being spent with you where she has your full attention, then she does about the Louie V purse or diamond earrings you bought her.

So with the “Date Night Task”, you must schedule a date night every single week. Again, this is a non-negotiable thing and it doesn’t need to be dinner on the beach every single time but it does need to be quality. Could be a special coffee date, breakfast in bed, simple wine and cheese with some music in the back, or maybe it is a over the top dinner in the city.

The point is, you show that appreciation that you’ve been talking so much about by spending actual quality time with the women you love.

As you can imagine, we’ve worked with many single guys and they ask… “What the hell am I supposed to do man??

Anything, be social. I’ve had guys take out a different girl every week they could, I’ve had guys take their Mothers out, and I’ve had guys spend time with their child hood best friends as well.

The suggestion is finding someone to spend a more interment time with, but at the end of the day if you do not have that – go out and do something to show the appreciation anyway!

So there it is…You’ve completed part 1 and part 2, you’re showing up with certainty and confidence like never before and the energy is so apparent that your relationships have already shifted for the better. But then you add appreciation messages every day and date nights once a week, now your relationships are on fire.

The next piece of this is business…


We use the title finances because it’s everything related to money – your investments, career, savings and bank account, hustle, and everything else that relates to the money in your pocket.

This may be the easiest and simplest for me to explain here today, because by the time you’ve truly locked down all of the above, your business is already taking off.

When you transform your body, your energy and production level go through the roof because you’re twice as healthy as you’ve ever been. Your hormones and brain function on a new level and without even adding any business related strategies; your work is becoming more efficient and more successful.

As we’ve broken down before and I hope you understand by now, after this body transformation your mindset is in a different place. This allows you to communicate, show up, and lead from a new level and THAT will allow your business to take off as well.

You’ve also shown up and taken control of your relationships, so they’re no longer a stressor in your life. In fact, they’re an addition to what’s allowing you to produce more in each area of your life.

See with all of this going on for you, your finances will not only grow – but the way you approach them will develop for the better as well and when you’re smart with your money, you get more and save more.

But just because your business is taken off from an indirect effect of all the above, doesn’t mean we don’t add a little extra to make it go through the roof.

We call this Discover and Declare and the rules are simple.

Discover something new. This could be studying your craft, reading up on marketing, networking with someone new, etc…

Then, you declare by utilizing whatever you discovered. Teach what you learned, use the networking sources, create marketing content, etc…

Again it is as simple as we can possibly make it but that’s with a specific purpose. We want to make this shit easy to implement and easy to manage, so there is never an excuse not to follow through with any of it.

The most successful minds in the world all have one thing in common… Before they started doing the complicated, they mastered the basics by being consistent. And 9 times out of 10, they’ll tell you themselves that it’s more important to have those locked in than it is to implement new strategies.

There are 2 keys that have become the driving forces behind this entire philosophy and strategy for massive growth.

#1 – Without Purpose, Nothing Matters.

You will not even get to the business side of things if you do not appreciate and harp on your true purpose behind it all.

And as a man, I know your mind goes to business right away. It’s normal and every single guy we’ve worked with over the years does the same exact thing. But when we get them to shift away from that, success comes much faster.

#2 – Power Starts With Your Body.

If you do not take control of your body, you will never learn to gain power in any of the above. That is the first and most important step with all of this.

If you’re stuck and don’t know how to make the first move in order to take back control of your body and gain full power over your life…

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