EP058: Why Fitness and Nutrition Are Failing Us and What To Do About It

Americans have become some of the most active humans in the world. In the last 20 years, there’s been a huge increase in gym memberships and people are training more than ever.  It may sound like things are (finally) headed in the right direction. The only thing is: they’re not.

Obesity continues to climb as do cardiovascular related diseases, while general health is declining. So what’s wrong? How does it relate to the lack of success in your body transformation?

This week I share the reasons behind the lack of transformation as related to your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and give simple actionable steps to help you change and finally breakthrough the plateaus.


  • How much people REALLY exercise and why it’s not enough… or is it?
  • Whether or not you’re training too much or too little
  • The study that shows the main reason people over eat and how to prevent it
  • Why changing this one factor in your lifestyle can help you get stronger, put on lean muscle, and lose body fat
  • Why the brain can only distribute so much energy, and why doing more may not make sense for you
  • How to improve your performance and why you’re focusing on the wrong one
  • The 5 success strategies that have nothing to do with training but will supercharge your performance
  • The “sweet spot” to training and how you find it
  • The reason you’re doing too much and how slowing down will help you speed up your results

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