EP155: Building Speed and Athleticism & Avoiding Knee, Achilles Injuries After The Age Of 35 w/ Derek Hansen

Always a pleasure with tons of insights talking with my friend Derek Hansen when it comes to training speed, athleticism and preventing injuries. This time around we talked about keeping yourself athletic and fast, while avoiding ACL and achilles tears after the age of 35.

Derek M. Hansen has been a world-renowned sport performance consultant and advisor to some of the top organizations, teams, and athletes in professional and elite sports over the last 20 years. His coaching background and involvement in return-to-play protocols spans more than 30 years. His areas of expertise include sport speed development, running mechanics, return-to-play management, strategic program planning, and electrical stimulation technologies. His clients have included top organizations, such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, and Bundesliga. He has also coached and advised thousands of athletes in the professional and collegiate ranks.


  • Building performance and athleticism after age 35 and doing it the smart way.
  • What should be we blame on more injuries, surfaces, shoes, training, lack of training?
  • What is the process and progression for getting somebody ready to get back into sports.
  • What can we learn from triathlon/ironman training when it comes to getting ready to perform on the court/field.
  • 70% of NFL players don’t make it back after an achilles tears; put yourself back into the position to avoid them.
  • The step-by-step progression if you are lifting weights but not doing jumps or sprints, here’s what to do.
  • Why its KEY to work in dynamic movements, and which ones, to train reflexes, eccentric components, speed at which your tissues are prepared for the activity that you will go into.
  • How changing up exercises selection, volume, intensity, and surfaces can improve your preparedness for sport.
  • Why micro-dosing works for many general population clients and how to apply it to your programs.
  • A missing link for most – the importance of improving your calf, achilles and foot strength inside of the gym.
  • Getting zone 2 work in and aerobic plyometrics to improve the health of the tendon and prevent atrophy.
  • Regeneration after the age of 35 and changing up your programming so you can recover and adapt.
  • The power of training journals and tracking your training to be able to see your progress and not over or under do it.
  • Non surgical approach to an achilles tear, how to repair it without surgery.
  • A return to play process after pulling your hamstring.
  • It’s important to not avoid the things that hurt you but rather dose them back in the right way to get back to 100% and beyond.
  • Derek shares how to build yourself up to playing full court basketball games, a step-by-step approach.
  • The 10 x 10 approach to return to play, as well as building up the tolerance of your tissues using this strategy.


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