The Complete Guide To Achieving Real, Lasting Transformation

Guest contributor: Laura Poburan The Truth About Change You’re reading this right now because you want to make a change in your life. This might come in the form of a physical outcome such as weight loss, muscle development or simply loving the way you look in your favorite dress. Or this might come in […]


Every now and again I get this uncontrollable feeling inside of me where I just have to sit down and write an article like this. I can’t explain it. I believe part of it is because it’s time to write this to myself. You see I read around 2 books a week and have for […]

Deserve It First

What do you deserve to have? Have you told yourself that you “deserve” something in an area of life which you currently don’t have? This is a quote from one of my mentors that I’ve always remembered… Design The Life You Deserve, because You Deserve The Life You Designed Maybe you deserve more and if […]

The Power of Assumption and Choice

It all started with a simple question – “Yes or No?” That was it. Nothing else. Period. And what concluded afterwards was pretty interesting. I had an idea that I wanted to ‘test’, so I simply took action and went to the social media platform to see how other’s comments, observations, evaluations and criticisms would impact […]

Putting a Down Deposit On Happiness

A few months back my wife cleaned out our magazine rack at home and threw out lots of old issues. All but about 5 to 6 magazines were all the remained. When I was looking through what was left, I came across an edition of a fitness mag that was from a couple of years […]

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