EP058: Why Fitness and Nutrition Are Failing Us and What To Do About It

Americans have become some of the most active humans in the world. In the last 20 years, there’s been a huge increase in gym memberships and people are training more than ever.  It may sound like things are (finally) headed in the right direction. The only thing is: they’re not. Obesity continues to climb as […]

The Pentagon: A Lift Weights Faster Workout

This is a guest blog post from my friend Jen Sinkler who does a lot of cool stuff along with writing for Women’s Health and Men’s Health. ——————– My husband, David Dellanave, who founded of our gym, The Movement Minneapolis, has a question that, if you ask if of yourself, will help you lift more […]

Chasing Unicorns: Vigor Move & Live Podcast with Luka Hocevar

It has been close to a decade since the roots of Vigor Ground started. It was just a dream. We all have it, the vision of something awesome that will “change the world”. Sometimes it doesn’t need to change the whole world but it changes our world.