Box n Burn Grand Opening | Saturday, December 10th

📆 Mark your calendars for an incredible event where we’ll be celebrating the grand opening of Box n Burn while also raising money for Alzheimers Association. We’ll also have the founder of Box n Burn, former Olympic medalist, undefeated pro, and extraordinary coach Tony Jeffries joining us to teach and run some Box n’ Burn sessions! […]

Movement Checklist for Dysfunctions

This a a guest post by Dean Somerset. If someone comes into me for training and they say they want to get stronger, but have no issues with previous injuries, trauma, or whatever, I could screen them and come up with all types of numbers, then design corrective strategies as to how to fix problems […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 9

This is an angry edition. We’re flipping tires. Snatching kettlebells. And fighting resistance. But seriously, we’re digging into really effective, challenging exercises that are getting used more and more in general fitness programs because they “can” be great if used the right way. Unfortunately many times these exercises get used as the “cool” exercise without […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 8

This weeks coaching corner will give you things to do. I guess it always does BUT you can literally take one of the videos and use it as a thorough warm up. It is a sample warm up we may use with one of our small group personal training sessions whether Strength Camp or Strong(Her), […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 7

This week don’t have 2, but rather 3 awesome Coach’s Corner videos. BOOM! If you come into the gym you’ll notice that word is a significant part of my vocabulary and get’s used when things get done. So the more it’s used, you know things are getting done. This week we cover the kettlebell clean, […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 6

High five! There’s a reason I’m making you get your hands up today. Today’s Coaching Corner is going to make you more limber and ready to give that “oh no you didn’t” head nod left to right as well as help you get your shoulders over your head and give incredible high fives. Seriously though, […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 5

Today’s Coach’s Corner brings you two powerful lessons. One has something to do with swinging – in exercise that is. 🙂 One of our favorite exercises for building hip power, and power endurance (a great way to build the deadlift and other moves that included hip strength and power) as well as for building glutes […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 4

I’m excited about this week’s Coach’s Corner as I’m touching on two subjects that many people bring up. One being they can’t back squat with a barbell because of pain so they just don’t squat at all – which is not the solution much of the time. The other is a belief that can stop […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 3

I love the questions and requests we’re getting, which is driving me to shoot a lot of videos and deliver content to answer those questions. Love helping you all out with training, mindset, and self-development tips and strategies. This week’s Coach’s Corner goes quite deep on a “mysterious” exercise (I only say that because many […]

Vigor Coach’s Corner: Part 2

We’re back with the Coach’s Corner and some powerful lessons both from training and coaching cues as well as becoming aware of something that really stops us from moving forward (with anything in life). Today we’re touching on something basic with regards to exercise. Well, most believe it to be basic and easy to do. […]