Add Stability to Your Single Leg Training for Strength, Skill, and Performance 

By: Andrew Coates Single leg training is a pillar of athletic performance training. Only three sports move in perfect bilateral symmetry all the time, powerlifting, rowing/dragonboat racing, and potato sack racing. The absurdity of including the third example should prove the point of how rare it is to exclusively move our legs in unison. Everything […]

Athlete For Life Part I: Training

Athlete For Life Part I: Training How to look, feel, and perform like an athlete—now, and for the rest of your days By Luka Hocevar, with Sean Hyson   Everybody wants to be more muscular, but unless you aspire to be a bodybuilder or an Abercrombie & Fitch model, you probably don’t want to be […]

42 Lessons On Getting Fit, Healthy & Performing At Your Best (In 42 Years)

It’s my birthday yet again, the 4.2 version as I’d like to think of it since I believe that every year you have an opportunity to upgrade to a better version of yourself.  But if you don’t pay attention to your goals, behaviors, intentions, and environments, then that next version of you may be downgraded […]

Box n Burn Grand Opening | Saturday, December 10th

📆 Mark your calendars for an incredible event where we’ll be celebrating the grand opening of Box n Burn while also raising money for Alzheimers Association. We’ll also have the founder of Box n Burn, former Olympic medalist, undefeated pro, and extraordinary coach Tony Jeffries joining us to teach and run some Box n’ Burn sessions! […]

EP077: 17 Lessons To Invigorate Your Life

3 or 4 years ago I wrote a blog post with 99 lessons from life in it. At the time, I didn’t think much about. So when it went viral I was surprised by how many people enjoyed and shared it. Last year I decided to give my original post an upgrade. I ended up […]

Detox From Diets: The Truth About Why Diets Fail And What To Do About It

I know your type… You’re just like our client. You want to create lasting change with your body and not have the yo-yo effect and frustration of losing and gaining weight, looking and feeling amazing only to fall off because you couldn’t sustain the changes. You want to be empowered and OWN the change that […]

A Man’s Search For Transformation – The Handbook

Transformation is typically defined as a physical appearance being drastically changed, for the better. But in the eyes and minds of most men, it’s much more than that. Even if you successfully transform your body, which we see here quite often at Vigor Ground, so much more goes happens other than just dropping pants sizes […]

17 Parts To Building An Extraordinary Life and Body

We all strive to live an extraordinary life, because who in their right mind wants to stay at ordinary? That’s right – Nobody does. But the sad truth in today’s day and age is that a very small amount of the population truly understands how to achieve a life that is extraordinary and a body […]

9 Tips for Structuring a Successful Diet

When it comes to getting leaner and healthier with nutrition you’ll generally try to take on more change than you can handle in the long run. Trying to walk before you crawl with with nutrition is a surefire path to overwhelm and returning to your old habits. If you haven’t taken the time to build […]

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